10 Doctor Strange Villains From Comics Who Could Appear in Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange is arguably the most powerful character of the MCU at this very moment. The former sorcerer supreme has so much arcane power at his disposal that he could defeat most of the villains and heroes in the MCU single-handedly. This can be seen by the fact that he was kept out of the Endgame battle because of a tidal wave and that Wong only got the title of Sorcerer Supreme because Strange was gone during the blip. Now that Multiverse of Madness is on the horizon we wonder which of the Doctor Strange villains from the comics will make an appearance. In fact, we made a list.

Scarlet Witch

Let’s address the first and the most obvious one at the start of the list. Wanda is one of the most powerful characters in the MCU. Her reality-altering powers make her exceptionally dangerous and she has already shown her selfish nature in both Age of Ultron and WandaVision. She doesn’t shy away from taking what she thinks belongs to her and she does not care what other people think of her and who she hurts. Her remorse for her actions is fictitious and we believe she will turn on Strange at the first opportune moment. Probably, she is only helping Strange so that he doesn’t lock her up immediately.


Strange Supreme / Evil Strange

For those who have seen What If…? this entry would make more sense than it does to others. Strange Supreme came from an alternate universe, where the car accident killed Dr. Christine Palmer and did not destroy Strange’s hands. This Strange devoted several lifetimes to learning absorption magic and several more to gather enough power to be able to break an absolute moment in time to save Christine. Strange Supreme was what the character became at the end of his journey.

We are unsure whether the evil version of Dr. Strange seen in the trailer of Multiverse of Madness is the same character as Strange Supreme or it is a different variant. But we are definitely going to see an evil version of Strange interacting with the MCU. All of this chaos caused in the movie is likely because of this evil variant of Strange.


Baron Mordo

Doctor Strange Villains From Comics

The fated villain of Doctor Strange 2 has always been Baron Mordo. The man who wants to balance the ledger of Strange’s continuous disregard for the rules of sorcery and desecration of the natural order. Mordo warned Strange of the oncoming threat but he was ignored. It is expected that the villain will come back in this movie to take his revenge to the best of his ability. He has even been spotted in the trailer but we are unsure what his role would be. Maybe he is the one who brings Evil Strange into our world.



Marvel has been doing something sinister in almost all of its multiverse content. They have been teasing the arrival of Shuma-Gorath time and again. Every time a multiversal portal opens, we see tentacles flowing out of it. Since Strange Supreme may come to Multiverse of Madness it may be possible that he was corrupted by Shuma’s power and Shuma-Gorath is the true villain of the movie. That would make for an intense final battle because much like Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath is not someone you can defeat only with power. This is a primordial creature who will require more than just power to be overcome.



Nightmare is a character from Marvel comics who is famous for being the ruler of the nightmare realm. He appears in the comics of both Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange quite frequently as their antagonist. This creature rules over a hell-like dimension where he captures and torments unfortunate souls for all eternity. The man has no remorse and he is a formidable foe. He is also indestructible so you can’t exactly throw destruction magic at him and call it a day. Nightmare was rumored to be part of Doctor Strange 2 before Sam Raimi took over.



Mephisto is the devil in Marvel comics. He is quite the scary character because he has the habit of being a nuisance to the marvel heroes. Mephisto was the one who was responsible for breaking up Peter Parker and Mary Jane. His powers have no limits and he can even change reality on a whim. In fact, he has done so several times to suit his whims. The only way to defeat Mephisto is to outwit him and Strange has done that several times in the comics. It remains to be seen whether the villain will appear in Multiverse of Madness or not.


Doctor Doom

Doctor Strange Villains From Comics

Doom is one of the most intelligent people in the Marvel Universe. He may only be rivaled by Reed Richards himself. Viktor Von Doom has a weird relationship with Strange because Strange was the one who taught Doom how to use sorcery and helped him rescue his mother from hell. But Doom has been a thorn in the side of Strange for a long time. Doom even killed Strange in several storylines including the latest Battleworld arc. So it is possible that this character might appear in Multiverse of Madness as the primary antagonist.



We put this character here because we have already seen it in the trailer but the interesting part is that Gargantos is not a Strange villain primarily. This huge monster with tentacles and one eye was originally a villain of Namor the Submariner. The villain appears as a rampaging monster presented as a real threat to peace in the comics, and it seems that the same role of the monster is being brought into the MCU. Let’s see how Doctor Strange will deal with the said character in the movie.



Doctor Strange Magic Based Super Villains

Although Strange used the time stone to make a bargain with Dormammu, that promise is long past, and Strange no longer has the time stone. So it is possible that Dormammu might return in the Multiverse of Madness to take over this dimension and fulfill his ambitions from the first movie. Whether that will actually culminate into something or not remains to be seen. But seeing as Dormammu is also a sorcerer, his attendance in the movie might be requested by Mordo or evil Strange.



Chthon is part of the roster of Marvel’s demons. He is also considered to be on par with the devil but he is often referred to as “The Archdemon of Chaos”. The character itself is veiled in obscurity but what is important is that he is considered to be the source of Wanda Maximoff’s powers, so he may come into the picture in the Multiverse of Madness as Strange and Wanda try to use her powers to make sure that the multiverse does not fall apart.


These are the Doctor Strange villains from comics who we think could appear in Multiverse of Madness. Let us know if you agree.

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