Justice League – Here’s Why a Battle Between Atlanteans & Parademons Was Removed

By now, everybody knows that a lot of things were different between the Whedon cut of Justice League and the Snyder Cut. Whedon reshot a good chunk of the movie as he was given a mandate to make the film only 2 hours long. So, countless elements got the axe from the original version of the Justice League. We never got any character development for Barry Allen, Victor Stone, and even Arthur Curry for that matter. A whole lot of Atlantis was removed from the film. And now, we’ve just found out that a fierce battle between the Atlanteans & Parademons was also cut out.

Why was Atlanteans & Parademons Battle Removed in Justice League

We’ve heard that a lot of the scenes involving Atlantis were removed because they were different from the Atlantis that was supposed to show up in the Aquaman movie. It is also believable that some of the Atlantean sequences were cut out because they just couldn’t fit within the 2-hour cut of Joss Whedon’s rehashed Justice League. But now, we’re hearing that one big battle between the Atlanteans and the Parademons was removed because it was too violent. The intel comes from Justice League stunt performer Erol Ismail (via The Zack Snyder Bible). Here, have a look:

Since nothing more has been revealed by Ismail, we could just assume that this battle sequence happened during the ancient fight between the forces of Earth and the Apokoliptic forces. Even if this battle was too violent, we believe that it will happen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. That’s because the movie is arriving on HBO Max, and there is a bit of leeway in the PG ratings of the projects on streamers. This Atlantean battle was one of many sequences that were removed from the film.

Why was Atlanteans & Parademons Battle Removed in Justice League

A lot of weird things happened behind the scenes before Justice League came out. Apparently, Henry Cavill was asked to be a part of the Press tour, but he was supposed to lie about the fate of Superman despite the fact that everyone knew of Superman’s return from the dead. In a recent interview on the Empire Podcast, Cavill talked about the promotion of Justice League. He said:

“Yeah, it was one of those weird situations where I guess people–no one really knew what they wanted and it was like ‘Hey, we need Henry on the press tour but let’s not tell anyone he’s in the movie.’ I was like ‘Ok, well it’s going to be super awkward for me guys. Thank you for giving me an impossible scenario which I’m just going to say to people, well yeah I was here for moral support. I made the tea. I made the tea for an entire movie.’ I’m pretty sure that no one bought it.”

Justice League Atlanteans & Parademons Battle Removed

Well, it’s okay to hide “the how” behind Superman’s return. But having Cavill lie about Superman’s return in Justice League just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since he was present on the posters. Then again, nothing really made sense behind the scenes after Zack Snyder left Justice League. Snyder’s tone & style of directing is way different than Whedon’s. But still, WB took the call and brought Whedon in to finish Justice League. And that resulted in a gigantic mess. The reshoots were a big mess, and so was the final cut of the movie.

Justice League Atlanteans & Parademons Battle Removed

We’re glad that the Snyder Cut is happening now. Everything that Zack Snyder wanted to show us could be witnessed on HBO Max next year. Furthermore, his cut will actually be 4 hours long, instead of the 3-hour run time that he would have been asked to present in the theatres. So ultimately, it’s a win-win situation for all of us!

Let’s just hope that the director’s cut does wonders so that a sequel could be green lit.

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