10 Best Disney Villains of All Time

Best Disney Villains of All Time: 

Disney movies have always captured the imagination of young audiences and have been loved by people of all ages. Disney is known for its family-friendly as well as child-friendly content and we have all grown up watching Disney movies. The villains of Disney movies are often the most memorable characters and have some well-rounded stories.  These are some of the most memorable as well as evil Disney villains that crossed paths with the lead protagonists of our favorite films.

 10. Gaston:

Best Disney Villains of All Time

He may be vain and selfish but Gaston has a kind of charisma that gives him a place in this list. He was obsessed with Belle and wanted to marry her. His wishes are never reciprocated which makes him violent and a jerk basically. He is cruel and vile but not as dangerous as some other villains. If only he noticed his sidekick’s love for him.

 9. Lady Tremaine:

Best Disney Villains of All Time

Cinderella’s stepmother gave a bad name to all the stepmothers of the world because of how badly she treated Cinderella. She made her a slave and made her toil away the whole day. Her only redeemable quality perhaps is her love for her real daughters but even that doesn’t make her a decent character.

 8. Jafar:

Best Disney Villains of All Time

He is intimidating as well as charming in a way. Jafar was hungry for power and tried to acquire it by different methods such as marrying Jasmine and manipulating Aladdin. He was arrogant and vile and loved using people for his own gain. He hurts people for fun, not just because they’ve wronged him and that makes him even cruel.

 7. Ursula:

Best Disney Villains of All Time

Ursula is one of the most favorite Disney villains of all time and has her own fanbase. She’s like a classic soap opera villain, delighting in creating chaos for people’s personal lives. Her personality is grand and she likes to flaunt her evilness which makes her fun to watch and also she has a great song in her movie which is her shining moment.

 6. Captain Hook:

Best Disney Villains of All Time

He was the antagonist in the magical tale of Peter Pan. Hook is one of those villains that can scare children as well as deliver a monologue. His appearance has always had the one distinct feature that sets him apart and gives him his nickname that is the hook. His nemesis is a 12-year-old boy and his gang of children and that says a lot about him.

 5. Evil Queen:

Best Disney Villains of All Time

She is the one who was obsessed with her looks and wanted to be the fairest in all the land and tried to kill Snow White because she was jealous of her looks. The evil queen is vain and cruel and could kill a child just because she was prettier than her. She may have a beautiful face but she definitely had a dark soul which puts her high on our list.

 4. Cruella De vil:

Best Disney Villains of All Time

One of the most hated villains in the Disney universe is the woman who finds joy in killing puppies and it is none other than Cruella. She has the words ‘cruel’ and ‘devil’ in her name which already describes her character better than anything else. She made coats with the fur of puppies and that just shows how evil the old woman was.

 3. John Ratcliffe:

Best Disney Villains of All Time

This villain was much more realistic than some of the other ones on the list as the movie Pocahontas was based on a historical narrative. Ratcliffe was a racist man who killed Native Americans as a sport and his character is very close to some actual people in history making him all the more scary and disturbing. Also, his dressing sense was simply terrible.

 2. Shan Yu:

Best Disney Villains of All Time

If you saw Mulan as a kid you would remember the scary villain in it and that was Shan Yu. He was extremely intimidating and had a huge screen presence. He wanted to rule China and came pretty close to overtaking it but fortunately, we had Mulan to save it. Still, Shan Yu was very scary and cruel and he must have been a nightmare for those who watched this movie as a kid.

 1. Scar:

Best Disney Villains of All Time

Of course, the list was going to be topped by the murderous and jealous old lion who was responsible for killing our beloved Mufasa. Scar was hungry for power and wanted to rule over the jungle and be the leader of Pride rock and for this, he needed to get Mufasa and Simba out of the way which he does by killed one and putting the blame on the other. He was cruel to a little Simba and made him believe that he killed his own father. He was thee Claudius of this Hamlet and a really good villain to the story.

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