Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Venom Movie

With the Venom movie slowly approaching it’s release date fans become more and more anxious with regards to the specifics of this movie. The Venom movie, Sony promises, will be the first installment in what’s to become Sony’s new multi-movie shared a cinematic universe. This new (seemingly old considering TAS and TAS2 ) universe has been dutifully dubbed as the venom-verse because the entire basis of the cinematic universe will stem from Spiderman’s gallery of rogues. Sony has, on numerous occasions, tried to jump a cinematic universe and failed dramatically at the same. Will Venom be their saving grace, will venom do for Sony what Iron Man did for Marvel (or rather for Kevin Feige). Will venom give Sony it’s “I am Iron Man” moment, it remains to be seen? In the spirit of the Ruben Fleischer directed and Tom Hardy starter cinematic universe starter, here is everything we know about the upcoming Venom movie.


After months of speculation over the premise and the storyline of the Tom Hardy starrer venom project, we finally received a trailer from Sony on the date of February 8, 2018. While lacking in CGI and crucial details regarding the plot, the footage was barely enough to satiate spider-verse (or rather venom-verse fans).

What the footage also did, was confirm which iteration of venom will we see on the silver screen. Fans debated prior to the trailer , but all speculation ended when the footage confirmed that it was Eddie Brock who will be the protagonist of this movie.

A chiseled Tom Hardy (fans will remember his iconic portrayal in Mad Max: Fury Road and  The Dark Knight rises) appears as the distressed reporter who’s fused with a symbiote and chased by a mysterious organization. The trailer also spouted some speculation for more than one symbiote in the movie.

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First poster

Shortly before the trailer came out we received this image from the official Twitter account of the venom movie. A simple poster to lull the appetite of eager fans. Granted, when you think venom the first thing that pops into your head is the massive teeth. Here the marketing team has done well to divulge from that and rather have focused on the eyes of the character overlaying a black background. It seems rather prudent on the part of the promotion team to take our attention away from the fact that their lead is, in fact, a ruthless villain.

Pack up!

In late January, Tom Hardy posted this image on his Instagram marking the last day of shooting(at least for Hardy) for the venom movie. It seems that the producers are done with the live action shooting for the project, but the final cut is far from ready. There is still a lot of CGI work to be done. It’s venom after all.

A much needed cameo

Now, before you get too excited to let me remind fans that this one is just a rumor. But the rumor goes like this, there has been a long-standing debate on the fact whether a venom movie can really work without spiderman and also on the fact whether Sony and Disney share the IPR of Spiderman. Sony has, on numerous occasions, rejected Marvel’s offering to create a shared universe. But that was before the plummeting failure of it’s own cinematic universe and we’ll before the MCU. As the dust settles on the Fox Disney Merger, the ball is in Sony’s court. With this situation and the venom movie on the horizon, there has been wild speculation on the fact that Tom Holland’s Spiderman will make a cameo in the venom movie. If this is true, then we might be looking at a wider scoped movie than we thought.

The only “real” evidence we have to go by is an unaired episode of screen rant which led to this tweet

Pictures, so many pictures

Rather than sharing actual footage with the fans, the marketing team associated with venom has continued to tease us ( in collusion with Hardy himself) with numerous picture previews over the tenure of the shooting of the movie. While Hardy has continued to update fans with behind the scenes imagery on his Instagram

The first real preview came when we saw this image of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brooke holding a notebook carrying some important notes that may shed some light on the plot of the film.

Star power

It was confirmed that joining the cast of the venom project will be two-time academy award nominee Woody Harrelson. While the role of the True Detective star still remains murky in the venom project, fans can rest assured that the movie will host (at least) some iconic performances from the said actors. Moreover, Harrelson has only been dubbed as a ‘Henchman of sorts ‘when his initial casting was finalized. Now, it is rather obvious that Harrelson’s basic henchman days are long in the past and anything that he pursues will give him a significant amount of limelight in the present day Hollywood. Although his role remains to be revealed, fans can look forward to another familiar face in the project.


This is some of the earliest marketing content from the venom project, the posters are from an Argentinian version of Comic-Con (CCXP) and the tweet associated with them is from early December 2017. What we do know is that the posters look badass and we can certainly get behind “we are #venom” but what we don’t know is whether these prayers are really a part of the marketing campaign by Sony or are they just something cooked up by local groups

Supporting cast

Along with Harrelson we also know that Manchester by the sea actress Michelle Williams will also be joining the cast of venom as the female lead. Michelle will play a district attorney and possibly a love interest to Hardy’s Eddie Brooke, this allows for speculative love play between the characters and how the movie will play out. There are also rumors on the web that Reid Scott, Scott Haze, and Slate have been cast in the film for undefined roles. While the speculation continues all we know at the moment is that Slate will most likely play a scientist in the movie.


Also, cast in a negative role for the movie is actor Ahmed. The most logical interpretation of this casting is that the actor will be playing Carnage, a fellow symbiote of Venom with a much more twisted personality. Since venom will be the protagonist of this film and Eddie Brocke will take a more investigative role it seems logical that the character creating hurdles for Brock’s venom will be his fellow sinister symbiote Carnage (fingers crossed) played by Ahmed himself.

Dark and grittyUpcoming Venom Movie

We know that venom is no hero and the origin and the modus operandi of the character cannot be considered righteous by any meaning of the word. Although, in the past, Sony has given us light-hearted and light-toned spider-verse movies (barring Spiderman 3 and the blunder that was). It seems that the venom-verse will be a departure from this formulae, venom-verse will seek to create a movie that is more in touch with reality if reality had monsters from outer space. This may allow the producers and the directors to create a movie with impact and beat the audience into submission and praise, jus like what Frank Miller and Zack Snyder did with 300. Here’s to hoping an epic start to the venom-verse, and for everything venom stick around.

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