10 Things You Completely Missed From Thor Ragnarok Trailer 2

The second trailer for Thor Ragnarok was shown at Marvel’s Comic Con panel and was released right after the panel ended. It was an awesome trailer and fans loved everything they got to see in the trailer. But, sometimes even the most vigilant of Viewers could miss the goodies of a trailer. The Ragnarok trailer was filled with tonnes of Easter Eggs and references. Here is a list of Easter eggs and Predictions for Thor Ragnarok.


In the last trailer, we saw that Valkyrie working for the Grand Master and an army on their flying horses fighting Hela. This trailer showed that it was actually Valkyrie and her people riding those horses fighting Hela and Valkyrie seems to have been working for the Grand Master for survival after her people got crushed against Hela.

Fenris Wolf

In the trailer, we see a huge Bus-size wolf up against the Incredible Hulk. This is the Fenris Wolf, or as in the comics, just Fenris. In the comics, he is the son of the God of Mischief Loki, but over here the movie seems to have changed the origin of this wild beast.

Hulk’s Vocabulary 

At Comic-Con, Mark Ruffalo confirmed that ever since Hulk left the Avengers in Age of Ultron, he has not changed back to Banner and he has been in the Hulk form for the last two years, enjoying his time at Sakar as a gladiator. We saw in the first Avengers movie that Hulk can speak, and in this movie, Hulk being conscious for two years has developed a Vocabulary just like of 2-year-old child. This is why when we see Banner in the trailer, he seems to have no memory of the last two years.


In the trailer we see Korg show up. Korg is a Stoneman and we saw one of his kind show up at the beginning of the second Thor movie who was then smashed by Thor’s mighty hammer. In the planet Hulk storyline, Korg becomes the best friend of Hulk and helps him in escaping the Planet Hulk. In the movie, he will be voiced by the Director Taika Waititi himself.

The Grand Master’s Statue

The Grand Master has been confirmed to be the brother of the Collector and one of the Elders of the Marvel Universe. That means he was present during the big bang when everything began. During the trailer of Thor Ragnarok, when we see Thor and Loki team up for the first time trying to take out the guards with big guns, there was a statue behind those guards, which was none other than the Grand Master’s statue. This means that he has been ruling the planet Sakar and the gladiators’ fighting pit as well.

Hela – The Goddess of ‘Death’

Thor Ragnarok

In the comics, ‘Hela’ and ‘Death’ are two different individuals and Death is the love of Thanos who causes all the destruction just to please her. But in the movie, it seems that Hela and Death have been sort of mixed up into one single Individual as we hear Hela say that she is the Goddess of Death. She might get beat up at the end of the movie which is probably why Thanos goes crazy and attacks everyone in Infinity War.

Hogan, The Warriors Three

In the trailer of Thor Ragnarok, we see Hogan, one of the Warriors Three leading the Asgardian army when Hela shows up in Asgard for the first time. Then we see a great wave of fire burning everything on Asgard, which probably means that Hogan is going to be killed off by Hela in the movie.

Asgardian Soldiers 

We see the Soldiers of Asgard standing in order to defend Asgard when Hela shows up. If we notice the gear of these soldiers, we will notice that similar gear is worn by the green-skull-zombie like soldiers sent by Hela. This means that Hela has turned these Asgardian soldiers into Zombie like beings and let them lose to attack Asgard and the ones who are protecting it.

Grand Masters’ Tower  

When the trailer begins, we see Grand Master’s Tower and on it, if we look closely, some faces have been engraved. On the top, the first face looks to be of the ‘Man-Thing’ (Marvel’s Swamp monster), then on the left we see a horse shaped face which is presumed to be Beta Ray Bill (an alien who is deemed to be worthy to pick Mjolnir and has his own hammer, Stormbreaker), to the right of him looks to be Ares (the god of War), below him we see the Bi-Beast (a two headed android) and the last head seems to be of Fin Fang Foom, “the most fearless monster of all”. These all seem to be the champions of the Pitt.


At the end, we see Thor in all God-mode all thundering and making a superhero landing after Hela asks her that what is he the God of. Over here it seems that Thor has got the magical power of Mjolnir in him and is now able to wield Thunder himself.

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