10 Awesome Things We Bet You Never Knew Vibranium Could Do

Vibranium is called the ultimate metal for a reason. When it comes to durability and versatility, there is almost no other metal that could match it. Wakanda’s most prized possession, Vibranium is one Earth’s rarest and valuable metals in all of existence. Even though it is indeed scarce, its vast untapped potential has been shown and explored in depth within the comic books. Here are 10 Awesome Things you never knew Vibranium could do…..

Increase Magical Powers

One of Vibranium’s lesser known abilities is its ability to greatly increase the user’s mystical abilities. It is for this reason that even Doctor Doom planned to steal Wakanda’s entire Vibranium supply. Doom is an accomplished magic user, one of the best in the Marvel Universe. To stop him from getting any stronger, T’Challa activated a failsafe that rendered Wakanda’s entire Vibranium supply inert and unusable.

Can get ‘Cancer’

Believe it or not, even a metal can get cancer, at least, within the Marvel Universe anyway. It all begins when a tiny misalignment at a very molecular level starts to disintegrate Vibranium from the inside, little by little. It is unnoticeable at first but then it spreads at a rapid pace and leads to a final, violent explosion. Moreover, the cancer can spread like wildfire, threatening the entire world’s Vibranium supply to go Kaboom!

Can Mutate Living Beings

Vibranium’s peculiar atomic makeup makes it ideal for inducing mutations in living organisms. The White Gorilla Cult and the Panther Cult are all dependent on this mutagenic property of Vibranium. The Gorilla cult consumes the mutated white Gorilla flesh to get stronger while the Panther cult, as we all know, uses the Heart shaped herb.

Become Spiderman

A Black guy can never be mistaken for Spiderman (Kidding!!!). Black Panther uses two types of Vibranium in his suit. The Wakandan Vibranium graces his soles while another version called the Antarctic Vibranium is used on his claws. The ‘Anti-metal’ Vibranium in his claws can pierce any object and grasps them at a molecular level. Black Panther can do wall crawling just like Spidey!!!

Punch and Kick with superhuman force

Vibranium is not just good at making shields and armors. The Gloves and Soles of Black Panther’s suit is made of pure vibranium. They can be used by T’Challa to punch and kick with almost invincible strength. Aided by his already enhanced physical attributes, T’Challa makes for one hell of an opponent.

Run on Water

Not every Vibranium user is capable of this feat. T’Challa, with his Olympic level athletic feats, surely is. The Vibranium soles on his feet can absorb shockwaves remember. This same ability can be used by an athletic person like T’Challa to skim on water as if he was running on its surface.

Create Vibration Explosions

Meet Vibranium’s artificial cousin, Reverbium. Reverbium was a bastardized version of Vibranium created by Sajani Jeffrey. Her boss ordered her to destroy all the samples and her entire research. It was tat destructive. But why is it so frowned upon? Reverbium doesn’t absorb vibrations but magnify them; creating shockwaves so strong that even a small amount could decimate an entire city block.

Create an even more durable substance

Scientist Myron MacLain was tired from experimenting on a new type of metal he had discovered in the middle of the battlefield. He woke up to realize his late-night experiment had given rise to a completely new Vibranium-Iron alloy. The metal alloy was perfectly set over the circular tank hatch so it was easy to turn it into one of Marvel’s iconic weapons – Captain America’s Shield.

Be rendered inert


Remember how we talked about Doom trying to hijack Wakanda’s entire supply and T’Challa’s fail safe to stop him? We don’t know how exactly T’Challa did it, but he somehow managed to cancel out Vibranium’s vibration absorbing and magic amplifying properties. Since T’Challa is the eighth smartest person in the World, we have to take him for his word.

Enhances Klaw’s sound manipulating powers

Ulysses Klaw is undoubtedly Back Panther’s greatest enemy. His crusade against Wakanda left to the death of Black Panther’s father in the comic books. For this, T’Challa cut off Klaw’s hand later, something Klaw replaced with a powerful sonic emitter. Klaw can use Vibranium for a variety of effects including but not limited to creating concussive sonic energy blasts and pure sonic constructs. The guy even turned him into an immortal sound based life form. Remember Reverbium? If this guy gets his hands on it, all hell breaks loose. That is why Black Panther does everything in his power to stop Klaw from getting his hands on Vibranium or any of its derivatives.

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