The Avengers Battle in Hawkeye Episode 1 Has Massive Errors

So far the first two episodes of Marvel’s final series of the year Hawkeye has given us some hint of the narrative it will follow. While everyone was worried about which characters we might get to see in the series there have been various theories surrounding the show. There has been major focus on the show at every tiny detail considering it is based in New York. New York has been a major ground for some of the biggest events of the MCU. The first episode of Hawkeye began with a different POV of 2012’s events. You see, we got The Avengers battle in Hawkeye Episode 1. It was good to reminisce, but sadly the battle was full of errors.

Stark Tower in The Avengers

The Stark Tower was first introduced in The Avengers when Phil Coulson goes to visit Tony Stark to tell him about the Avengers Initiative. Throughout the movie, some rather interesting scenes take place in the tower as Loki and Stark meet up right here before the New York Battle begins. This causes some major damage to the building as the massive STARK sign is almost entirely destroyed. By the very end of the battle, we only see the ‘A’ from STARK survive. This surviving A could be a reference to the fact that the building later ends up being the Avengers Tower.


Continuity Error in Hawkeye

Avengers Battle in Hawkeye Episode 1

The very first scene in the first episode for Hawkeye takes us back to the New York Battle scene as we witness the moment from Kate Bishop’s perspective. A fan pointed out that there has been a major continuity error with the scene as to the destruction of the Stark Tower. As Kate Bishop looks at the tower we see that the ‘S’, ‘T’, ‘A’, and ‘K’ have managed to survive from the ‘STARK’ sign. This is majorly wrong considering by the time Hawkeye makes the jump from the top of the building Loki himself had fallen on the ‘S’ and ‘T’. The exact same jump is witnessed by Kate Bishop but at that time we can clearly see that the ‘S’ and ‘T’ are still there.


Another major difference is in the way that Hawkeye makes his moves as he attacks the Chitauri soldier. In the 2012 movie, we saw Hawkeye shoots his last arrow at the Chitauri soldier who was approaching from the right. Next to that, he hits one of the other Chitauri soldiers who was climbing towards him with his bow and then kicks him off the building. Even his position was quite a distance away from the ledge when he was performing these moves during the battle. But from Kate’s point of view in the series, we see Hawkeye shooting his last arrow and then kicking off the climbing soldier as he stood on the ledge.


Avengers Battle in Hawkeye Episode 1

The major error has to be regarding the timing of the entire sequence. As the episode starts we don’t seem to hear anything happening outside or any kind of noise regarding the New York Battle taking place. We only get some indication when Kate goes to her room to pick her checkers game and then we follow her as she discovers the Chitauri ship outside her window. This goes against the entire timing of the New York battle as we are well aware that the Hawkeye moment takes place near the end of the battle. If the battle was already happening, then the Bishop family would have been aware of quite early in the episode. The whole battle lasted 19 minutes of the movie’s run time. But here, it wraps up in just 3 minutes.


Another major mistake is the fact that there is no possible way that Kate Bishop would have gotten that view of the Stark Tower. This might mean that the entire scene was reconstructed for the sake of the narrative of Hawkeye. Fans have been paying real attention to the Stark Tower for a while now considering there is still no confirmed information regarding the tower after it was dropped as the Avengers Tower following Civil War. There is a chance that Hawkeye might introduce us to the new owner of the tower. Let’s see what happens.

Hawkeye returns next Wednesday with episode 3.

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