Avengers 4: Leaked Artwork Reveals Team’s New White Suits, But Are They Real?

Avengers 4:

The amount of speculation on Avengers Infinity War and the new expected sequel is no small deal. The traction that this new initiative of Marvel has received in the form of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is absolutely mind-boggling, to say the least. But what is worrisome is the amount of misinformation on the internet. It is only natural that comic fans ( and comic book movie fans ) speculate and theorize on the stories that they are presented, it is rather beneficial for the studio and any kind of fan theory helps in propagation of the core media, so it is encouraged by both the economic owner of the intellectual property and it’s most avid readers/ patrons. But the entire thing becomes a bit redundant as soon as the speculation of fans is presented as cold hard facts. Something that seems to be happening below.

Avengers 4 Trailer

A little over a month ago an action figure came out with a promotional box featuring original art from Marvel. This art, showcased on the back of the box, had both rocket raccoon and Thor Odinson sporting a new look in brand new white suits. Recently a new ‘supposed’ leak has surfaced on Reddit that takes this art on the action figure box to an entirely new level. The artist, whoever he or she is, seemingly photoshopped all of the surviving heroes from infinity war into their custom version of the red and white suit, Images below:-



Black Widow: 

Captain America:







The Avengers: 

It seems that this suit is proposed to be the one that the Avengers will wear when traveling through time in the new Avengers movie. All the time travel theories about Avengers 4 have one thing in common, all of them include the Quantum Realm and all of them speculate that Quantum Realm will allow the Avengers to travel through time without using the actual time stone.

If that is the case then we can expect Thanos to follow close behind using the power of the time stone. It will be seen as and when the movie comes out. But one thing is for sure the original Avengers and residual heroes will receive an upgrade in terms of their suits and their gear.

This much-needed upgrade will surely come from the Stark industries and so will the time travel gear ( now that Hank Pym is gone after the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp ).

Avengers 4 Trailer


So I guess the real question is whether these white suits are the upgrade that we will see in the fourth Avengers movie. The possibility of Marvel revealing such a major plot point so early seems remote but we are allowed to speculate.


What we are not allowed to do ( and what seems to be happening with this promotional and photoshopped imagery ) is spreading misinformation as facts. The white and red suits certainly seem badass but the source is not credible in the least. Trust them on your own demise.

The next matter to be discussed with regards to this post is the accompanying text, which reads, “New foes……… even greater threat”. This means that the author, whoever it is, is trying to hype the audience with regards to the possibility of a brand new foe who will stand beside the tyrannical Thanos in the wake of the final battle. I cannot comment on the legitimacy of this text but I can sure speculate on who this secondary antagonist might be.

Avengers 4 Writer Thanos

It seems rather obvious, doesn’t it? It has to be mistress death. She is one of the few beings who is capable of standing on the same footing as Thanos with infinity gauntlet and perhaps the only one who Thanos will allow to accompany him.

Whether this theory will pan out is a different debate altogether. But there is one thing we can be absolutely sure of, that Thanos’ defeat is coming in the 4th Avengers movie, with or without the advent of mistress death into the series.

What do you think about the new suits and the accompanying theories? DO you think that they have any merit or do you think that it’s just pure misinformation? Feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Avengers Annihilation comes out on May 4, 2019. Up until then keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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