Deadpool 2: Is The Upcoming Movie Already Facing Trouble?

Deadpool was 2016’s surprise hit in the superhero genre. The movie currently occupies a spot as the highest grossing R-rated movie at the moment- a feat that encapsulates the massive success of the film. And it seemed like a well-deserved position, given the hardship that movie face in production. It seems like the sequel is also facing some trouble even before pre-production has begun.


The website Deadline reports that Deadpool director Tim Miller has exited from the sequel. A surprise move, given the dedication and loyalty the director gave to the first movie. Miller’s sudden leave, according to Deadline is due to the creative difference between him and Ryan Reynold who is also a producer of the upcoming project.


This new development for the film has left many scratching their heads. Deadpool had been in development for over a decade and it was the combined forces of Reynolds, Miller, writers Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick that finally brought the comic book hero to the screen. The team had previously put up such a loyal front to the public, but it seems like the added pressure for a better sequel has already revealed cracks to the team.Deadpool had been released with low expectations and high reward. The sequel, on the other hand, faces the high expectations that the first movie had established itself to having.

deadpool 2

Reynolds had previously played the character in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine but was deeply critical for the misinterpretation of the character. The solo movie had right the wrongs that the Wolverine movie made, and gave the character his real nature instead of changing him for the screen. Deadpool was also the movie vehicle that re-affirmed Ryan Reynolds as a bankable star.The sequel is set to introduce comic character and Deadpool partner Cable to the big screen. There has also been news of Domino, Cable’s girlfriend joining the two heroes on the big screen.

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