31 Upcoming Marvel Movies That Are Currently Under Works

DC Comics was the biggest contender against Marvel, but looking at what has happened this year, it seems that there is no one that can stop the reign of Marvel. The MCU movies, in particular, have been ruling our hearts for the last 10 years with a 0 failure track record. The Marvel movies that are being brought forward by Fox and Sony are also maintaining good quality when it comes to storytelling in the recent times. Seeing how profitable these movies are, all three Studios – Disney, Fox, and Sony have put in over 20 movies under development that are going to come out in the coming future. Here is every Marvel movie that will come out:

The Confirmed ones with Release Dates

Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6, 2018)

The MCU’s next project is going to be the sequel to the first Ant-Man movie which is going to hit the theatres on July 6, 2018. Evangeline Lilly will get to be the Wasp in the movie and Paul Rudd is going to reprise his role as Scott Lang/Antman and they are going to give us the answer for their absence in Infinity War. (MARVEL STUDIOS)

Venom (October 5, 2018)

Sony is bringing us a Spider-verse without actually having Spider-Man in it. Spidey will be replaced by Venom who will have a pretty different origin story. Tom Hardy is going to be playing Venom. (Sony)

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (February 15, 2019)

One of the next installments in the X-Men Franchise and the Sequel to X-Men Apocalypse is probably going to be the first X-Men movie that does not include Wolverine in it. It is going to re-attempt the iconic Dark Phoenix storyline from the comics and almost all of the cast members except for Hugh Jackman are returning for the movie. This movie is going to end the X-Men franchise. (Fox)

Captain Marvel (March 8, 2019)

This will be the first female lead Superhero movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Brie Larson is going to star as Captain Marvel along with Nick Fury, Phil Coulson and Jude Law’s Mar-Vell on her side. The movie will be a prequel set up in the 90s and it will focus on the Kree-Skrull war from the comics which is why two of the Kree people that we know, Ronan and Korath are also going to make a return. (MARVEL STUDIOS)

Avengers 4 (May 3, 2019)

Avengers 4 Promo Art

After the jaw-dropping end of Avengers: Infinity War, we will get to see the Avengers take one last stand against Thanos and that is when everything that we have seen till now will come to a dramatic end that will completely blow us all away. Here’s the official Synopsis of the movie: (MARVEL STUDIOS)

“A culmination of 22 interconnected films the fourth installment of the Avengers saga will draw audiences to witness the turning point of this epic journey. Our beloved heroes will truly understand how fragile this reality is and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it.”

Gambit (June 7, 2019)

Gambit was scheduled to come out on February 14, 2019, but it lost yet another director recently. Channing Tatum is still involved with the movie and Fox is currently finalizing a director for the movie. (Fox)

Spider-Man: Far From Home (July 5, 2019) 

The sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming will take place right after Avengers 4 and the story will be just weeks apart from the timeline in Avengers 4. Rumors suggest that Mysterio is going to be the main villain of the movie and the movie will actually take place outside the USA taking Spider-Man to London on a field trip from school. (Sony/ Marvel Studios)

New Mutants (August 2, 2019)

From coming out on April 13 this year, to getting pushed to February 22, 2019, to getting delayed once more, the New Mutants movie currently has a release date of August 2, 2019. The movie may even get cancelled if the Disney Fox deal goes through. (Fox)

Movies confirmed to be under Development but having no release dates

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (Marvel Studios)

James Gunn recently shared an update on the progress of the third and possibly the final Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It will feature the Guardians we know, along with Sylvester Stallone’s ravager team and Adam Warlock will make his debut in the movie probably being the main villain. A release date is not yet confirmed for the film, but it is believed to take up the May 1, 2020 release date which Marvel has booked. Here’s what James Gunn said:

“I’m more than a year into the process, so the script is far along. For many many months I first write the treatment which is 80 pages or so with photographs. That turns into GotG – I’m now rewriting and making sure my rough draft works.

A Guardians film takes about five months to shoot. This one is a bit more complex, but it should be a similar amount of time.”

Black Widow (Marvel Studios)

Marvel recently hired Jac Schaeffer to pen down the script for the Black Widow and the movie has been placed under development. Since Marvel has hired a writer so early, and July and August are the months Marvel looks to launch new projects, and the fact that a Black Widow movie is in huge demand, Black Widow will supposedly be the movie to come out on August 7, 2020, which is a slot for a release booked by Marvel and Disney.

Silver and Black

Sony’s Silver and Black project earlier had a release date for February 8, 2019, but since there has been no developments in the movie whatsoever, the project will surely be delayed and has a possibility to get cancelled as well. (Sony)


After the success for Deadpool 2 which gave us the basis for Fox’s next team-up movie, The X-Force, we will get to see this movie instead of Deadpool 3. Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz and many other Pool-verse characters are expected to return for the film. (Fox)

Multiple Man

Fox brought in James Franco to star in a Multiple Man movie which will be produced by Simon Kinberg and James Franco will play the role of Jamie Madrox whose mutant ability allows him to create near-endless duplicates of himself. (Fox)


Well, at this point we all know that Sony is trying to make use of whatever they have in their arsenal, and a Morbius movie is one of those, which is being described as a “horror action story” centering around scientist Michael Morbius, who inadvertently transforms himself into a living vampire in his attempts to find a cure for a rare blood disease.

Kitty Pryde

At this point, Fox is uncertain about their future due to the upcoming Disney Fox merger. But, until the Acquisition by Disney does not take place completely, Fox has to continue working to keep the stocks up and this is why the keep putting movies into development stages. An unknown project has been placed under Deadpool director Tim Miller which is presumed to be a solo Kitty Pryde movie.

Doctor Doom & Silver Surfer (Fox)

In the fantastic Four Division, both Doctor Doom and Silver Surfer have been placed under development for solo movies. This may actually happen if the Deal between Disney and Fox does not go through.

The Sequels that we will surely get to see (Marvel Studios)

Marvel Studios has booked slots for releases until 2022 which are – (May 7, 2021), (July 30, 2021), (November 5, 2021), (February 18, 2022), (May 6, 2022), (July 29, 2022). These Slots will probably fit the sequels of the current running projects which are –

Doctor Strange 2 & 3, Black Panther 2 & 3, Spider-Man 3, Captain Marvel 2 & 3 and Ant-Man and the Wasp 3.

New Characters Under Development After Avengers 4 (Marvel Studios)

Moon Knight

Feige confirmed that Marvel does have plans for Moon Knight, but they may be, “five years from now, 10 years from now, 15 years from now.”


It is very obvious that the MCU will explore the cosmos much more than they have in Phase 4. Out of many cosmic properties that Marvel owns comes one of the biggest of all, known as The Eternals who are an evolutionary offshoot of humanity created eons ago by the Celestials. Here’s what Feige said about this project:

“Eternals is one of many, many, many things that we are actively beginning to have creative discussions about.”

Adam Warlock & Nova

James Gunn has confirmed that Adam Warlock is going to be heavily involved in the future of the MCU post-Avengers 4. Also, Nova has been in the talks as a project for the MCU’s future.


There have been talks for Namor to finally get an appearance in MCU and be built as a character that holds his own solo movie. Wakanda has been explored and now it is the time for Atlantis to be explored as Well.

A Force (Female team-up movie)

Upcoming Marvel Movies

A Female Superhero team-up has been proposed for a while now, since Marvel now has a lot of female Superheroes at their disposal, and it would be the perfect time to bring this movie on the big screen. Tessa Thompson aka Valkyrie is pushing for an all-female MCU team-up movie in the next MCU phase. Tessa Thompson said that a particular scene in Avengers Infinity War has all female superheroes working together against Thanos’ and his Black Order which gave her the idea of an all-female superhero movie, she said:

“I think in that group was Brie Larson, myself, Zoe Saldana, although she ran off to the bathroom, I think, so she came midway through the pitch but she had been in the rev-up to it. Scarlett Johansson. Pom Klementieff and Karen Gillan, who are both in the Guardians movies. Yeah, I think it was that group. We were just sort of all in a semicircle talking, and it just came up, because none of us really worked together – well, I suppose Zoe, and Karen, and Pom – and wouldn’t it be nice if we could all work together”.

So in total, there have been talks and confirmations of 31 Marvel movies in total which are being planned for a theatrical release.

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