Godzilla vs. Kong: Kong’s Axe Origins Explained By Writers

Godzilla vs. Kong was an absolute success. Despite the movie being heavily dependent on CGI, there was no loophole when it came to special effects. The attention to detail was unreal. Hence, the movie is getting its due appreciation. Even the storyline was not loose. The movie had many “OMG” moments. One being MechGodzilla getting charged by Ghirodah’s conscience and DNA. Another “OMG” moment was when Kong goes to Hollow Earth and reclaims his throne. It was at this moment when Kong discovers his ax.

Screenwriter Borenstein gave an in-depth explanation for where the ax came from in a new interview with Collider. When asked if he, along with co-screenwriter Eric Pearson, came up with the backstory for the ax, Borenstein first said, “Implied, but not specifically.” He then elaborated, explaining it stemmed from the ancient race Kong emerged from. He said, “Like to me, Godzilla’s scales have this kind of conductive radioactive quality, and the primate Kongs were at a kind of evolved civilization of sorts, as primates might, and [used] simple tools, and had used the spine of a Godzilla creature to create it. Presumably, there are more like it, but it feels like the iconic scepter of a king. That’s what so fun about it.”

Check out the full video below:

But Kong and Godzilla are not the only ones from Hollow Earth. Godzilla vs. Kong’s writer Max Borenstein recently spoke to Collider about several aspects of the new MonsterVerse movie. This included discussing the size of Hollow Earth and if it secretly was the home to other Titans. Borenstein was specifically asked if other monsters were asleep in the location, and he said, “Oh, I would venture to say there must be, right? It’s a big hollow world.” This opens a lot of possibilities for new Titans, and to discover a whole new world.

The ancient home, Hollow Earth, is where Kong found the ax that he used to fight Godzilla. It was the home to a powerful energy source Apex used to power Mechagodzilla. When kong first re-entered the Hollow Earth, he encountered out Titans too. namely – Nazouki and Warbat. But the movie had no time to dwell into their origins. Hence, it is fairly believable that there will be other Titans as well. This surely leads up to an exciting sequel, or a spin-off, solely focusing on the development of the Hollow Earth. The ax certainly gave Kong a new edge in the fight against Godzilla, and watching him wield it against Gojira brought an extra level of excitement.

Godzilla vs. Kong has performed surprisingly well considering the pandemic. The MonsterVerse’s biggest installment yet arrived last week both on HBO Max and in theaters, and it’s so far proving to be a success. The titular characters are in interesting spots. Godzilla is in a rage. Kong is brought back to facilitate the trip to Hollow Earth. In addition to seeing proof of his past family, Kong discovers an ax that proves to be his main weapon in the final fight against Godzilla.

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