Spider-Man: Far From Home Teased Fury Knew About WestView

WandaVision has forced us to not look at things in a simple way. Everything when it comes to Wanda and her altered reality is as intricate as they come, with such shocking revelations that it takes us, the viewers, some time to actually digest that whatever happened, has happened. We all know how there is a huge possibility that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Peter Parker (Tom Holland) can be seen together in  Spider-Man 3. But what we just to know about is, that Nick Fury was supposedly aware of something called “Westview”, the town where Wanda and Vision are living happily. And it got derived from Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post-credit scenes.

Actually, it was one of the post-credit scenes with Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home that set up SWORD, the new organization that just made its official MCU debut in WandaVision. In Far From Home’s post-credits scene, it was revealed that Fury was never the character that was helping Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in the movie. In actuality, Captain Marvel’s Tales (Ben Mendelsohn) was using his Skrull shapeshifting abilities to pose as him on Earth, while the real Fury was on board a spaceship and in contact with his impersonator. As time passed, it became increasingly apparent that Far From Home was hinting at SWORD, a peacekeeping organization in the Marvel comics similar to SHIELD, that fights alien threats. Viewers finally got to meet SWORD in WandaVision episode 4, where it was confirmed that they were monitoring what was happening in Westview.

Fans have pointed out that on Fury’s ship, there’s a screen that features a hexagon shape. This is important because it was specifically stated in WandaVision episode 4 that the energy bubble surrounding is shaped like a hexagon. We’ve seen this hexagon shape in the MCU before; it was introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as the shape of a jump point in the Universal Neural Teleportation Network series of wormholes in space. It is used again in WandaVision is purposeful. What this potential Scarlet Witch Easter egg could imply is that at this point in time, Fury already knew about the Westview situation. He presumably wouldn’t have known exactly what was going on per se, but he did at least have access to the same information that SWORD had obtained as of episode 4.

It doesn’t seem like a fluke or accident that the hexagon shape is being used like this over and over again. Marvel is particularly known for giving Easter eggs and entice the audience in such a way that they have to go back and re-watch the entire movie. Good stunt though. hough it’s certainly interesting that Marvel included this, it’s wouldn’t be surprising if a character like Fury were to have this knowledge. Plus, the timing of events lines up. The recent episode has shown that the series takes place shortly after Avengers: Endgame and though Spider-Man: Far From Home was a little later in the timeline, Marvel has shown itself to be a little fluid with the continuity surrounding Thanos’s snap and reversal. It’s also indicative of Nick Fury’s relationship with SWORD, which Marvel hasn’t been clear about thus far. Some believed prior to WandaVision episode 4 that Fury could be the one in charge, but now it’s known that Tyler Hayward (Josh Samberg) is the acting director.

Whatever it may seem, it looks like Fury is working closely with SWORD, and is continuously up-to-date with all the activities that are happening on Earth while he’s off-world. This is naturally consistent with who Fury is as a character in both Marvel Comics and the MCU. Whether he’s the director of SHIELD or not, Fury is an incredibly well-informed and well-connected person who keeps tabs on all sorts of unique situations. It could be that as the problem with Wanda and her fake reality of Westview continues to develop, it will reach a point where he will feel compelled to take a more active role. If that happens, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury could serve as an exciting guest character in an upcoming episode of WandaVision.

Westview is not what it seems to be, and it only gets better from here on now. WandaVision is streaming on Disney+, comprises of 9 episodes, and is currently through with its 5th episode. No one can tell what is about to happen.

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