• NewsPhoto of Best Activities for Kids this Summer

    Best Activities for Kids this Summer

    Summer is basically the favourite time for kids. It’s their vacation and they get to eat more ice cream (because it’s hot outside) which in turn increases their sugar level thus inducing hyperactivity in them. To keep them occupied can be a difficult task. Letting them watch TV or play games on electronic devices is not a safe thing. Hence,…

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  • NewsPhoto of 5 Reasons Why Kids Are Infuriating

    5 Reasons Why Kids Are Infuriating

    Among my friends, it’s a known fact that I’m not very fond of children. This detail brings about a lot of mixed reactions from them. Some feel that it is abnormal not to love little children, whereas a few do understand my viewpoint and are staunch supporters. Here are some of the reasons why kids are not as cute as…

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  • FitnessPhoto of Keeping Kids Fit

    Keeping Kids Fit

    America is in the grips of an epidemic. Its not measles, malaria, or influenza… its obesity. More than two thirds of Americans are obese, making them the heavy-weights of the world. This isn’t just a problem for adults however, over 30% of kids in the U.S. struggle with weight and staying fit as well. These numbers have nearly tripled since…

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  • NewsPhoto of 9 Essential Tips For A Hassle-Free Journey With Your Kid

    9 Essential Tips For A Hassle-Free Journey With Your Kid

    Are you on for a road trip with your kids this season? You might want to read this blog focusing on 9 essential road trips for a hassle free travel experience with kids. Don’t carry too much of water This decreases the chances of juice or milk or water spills in the car. Also the more your child drinks the…

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  • NewsPhoto of 10 Crazy Kids Being Kids

    10 Crazy Kids Being Kids

    Childhood should be a time for learning, experimenting and having fun. The worries of the world shouldn’t affect you, and everything you see, hear, taste, and touch brings new wonders and possibilities. Though there are rules that children have to follow, breaking those rules is just as much a part of growing up as making them. Bad behavior is excused…

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