5 Reasons Why Kids Are Infuriating

Among my friends, it’s a known fact that I’m not very fond of children. This detail brings about a lot of mixed reactions from them. Some feel that it is abnormal not to love little children, whereas a few do understand my viewpoint and are staunch supporters. Here are some of the reasons why kids are not as cute as they appear.



A lot of babies and children cry. For babies it is considered okay as they cannot communicate their distress in any other way during that period. But is it okay for a 3 year old who has enough command over a language to scream and cry at the drop of a hat?

No, I don’t think so. The tantrums, the screaming and the crying is what drives me crazy. Many times we can step out of the arena where the drama is happening but what do you do when there’s no escape? Ever been in an airplane with a kid crying his head off for the whole journey? And the best part is that the crying ceases the minute the plane lands. Perfect.


“Woh toh baccha hai”


Ever heard this phrase by some aunty or uncle? When kids come over to your house for a social gathering along with their parents, they tend to let loose. Their hyperactivity kicks in and they go wild, running around the house, breaking things, tearing paper, scribbling on the floor, sitting on the bed with their grubby shoes and just screaming in differing pitches the whole time.

You are not even allowed to express your anger as they are not your children. But when you do let out an exasperated sigh, the aunties and uncles will look at their children lovingly then look at you and say “bacha hai na, jaane do”. As if being a kid is a license to destroy all household items.

Messy Eaters


Have you ever watched a kid eat his/her food without making a mess? Yea, me neither. Looking at a kid eat is like viewing the slow death of whatever is on the plate. Show me a kid without food on his/her cheeks after eating and I will salute you.

I feel young children are fascinated with all that they can do with food. There are so many colours and textures on their plate in front of them and they have the liberty to do what they want. Thus they proceed to dip their hands in all the gooey food, smear it on their pudgy little faces and on the tablecloth too.

Once they’ve had their festival, they like to leave with a big grin on their face as if they’ve accomplished a huge task or overcome a major obstacle in their life.

Liars and Blackmailers


I feel like kids are at some level aware of how they are perceived as “innocent little creatures” by adults and they often use this knowledge to their advantage. They like to do whatever they want and think they can get away with anything just by lying about it or blaming it on someone else (an older sibling or babysitter).

They are also very smart when it comes to understanding another person’s weakness. They are masters of emotional blackmail. They know their parents love them and will do anything for them. These tiny devils thus turn the tables and force their parents to buy them fancy things or give them that “really yummy” ice cream.

If these wishes are not met, they then scream threats which vary from mild (“I’ll never speak to you”) to extreme (“I’ll kill myself”). Spawns of Satan!

Never Ending Questions


Curiousity is a wonderful trait to have. Even better if you can satisfy your own curiousity. Kids on the other hand cannot. They wish to know everything and they want to know all of it RIGHT NOW. Their questions can range from utterly inappropriate to totally vague.

The asking of questions show us that a child is eager and is developing normally but WHY. Why so many of them. Can’t they space it out so it’s like 2 per day instead of 2 per minute. And the strangest thing is that they don’t always wait for you to finish the answer, they just start off with the next question.

It’s as if they have a list in their mind and they just want to get it all out there so they can form the next list.

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