5 Most Underrated PIXAR Animation Movies of All Time

Disney has given us all great childhood memories with its amazing shows, cartoons, and films that we have been watching since we were kids. When it comes to animation Disney has set the bars high since its inception. Pixar took the animation game much higher for the world and gave us movies that are loved by kids and adults alike. We all have our favorite Pixar movies but there are also some that we overlook or forget about. some of them won many awards but still remain unnoticed by the majority of Pixar fans. Let us take a look at some Pixar movies that are good but are definitely underrated:

5. A Bug’s life:

This is one of the less memorable Disney movies and it’s a 90s flick so it is old too but it is hilarious and adorable. The movie has an inspiring theme and witty dialogues. The message is clear and simple that no matter how small you are, you can achieve big things in life with determination and courage. The movie did a decent job at the box office but is still underrated.

4. Monsters Inc:

Another fun movie by Pixar but is still underrated is Monsters Inc. this movie proves that monsters can be cute and lovable and can be great friends too. So two monsters work in a factory that generates power by scaring children but these two are themselves afraid of kids as they think they are toxic. When one child enters the factory they work together to return her home before it is too late. The movie is very touching and entertaining and you will surely love it.

3. Cars:

This movie has one of the best and most entertaining plots and still remains underrated somehow. So lightening Mcqueen is a star race car that is too proud and arrogant. Until one day when he is sent to a small town which is forgotten by the world and where he does not get any star treatment. Lightning realizes the value of friendships and hard work in this small town as he becomes friends with the citizens of Radiator Springs. The sequels to this movie have been decent too but the first one is surely the best.

 2. Brave:

Merida is surely one of the most underrated Disney princesses. Brave was the first female lead character with no hero movie by Disney and it deserves its fair share of appreciation. Merida is a princess who wants to live by her own terms and not gets married to some prince charming she hardly knows (Disney has surely come a long way from its earlier fairy tales!). She wishes to make her own decisions and after having a fight with her mother she experiences a miracle and goes on an epic adventure. Brave is entertaining and also shows a real mother-daughter relationship beautifully. Merida is definitely one of the most bad-ass Disney characters and Brave is an inspiring film for the young audience.

 1. The Good Dinosaur:

Pixar movies

So we have always been fascinated by dinosaurs but we are used to seeing them as brutal and terrifying. This movie shows a whole different side as it is the story of an adorable dinosaur with a big heart who goes on a journey with a human child. The story is emotional and sends a message like all Pixar movies. It is technically gorgeous and got great reviews for that. Some critics found it to be too intense for a children’s movie but we all know Pixar movies are for all age groups right? It is definitely visually stunning and very touching.

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