Riya Chopra

Riya Chopra

At 16 years of age, Riya is an aspiring mathematician and an amateur artist. She likes writing about the different ideas that come to her mind every now and then. She is an optimistic person and likes to make people around her happy. She also love to explore places around her on her bicycle. She respects knowledgeable people regardless of their age and likes to listen to them and expand her own knowledge.
  • May- 2016 -
    19 May
    NewsPhoto of Best Activities for Kids this Summer

    Best Activities for Kids this Summer

    Summer is basically the favourite time for kids. It’s their vacation and they get to eat more ice cream (because it’s hot outside) which in turn increases their sugar level thus inducing hyperactivity in them. To keep them occupied can be a difficult task. Letting them watch TV or play games on electronic devices is not a safe thing. Hence,…

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  • 2 May
    FitnessPhoto of 15 Minute Total Body Workout To Get In Shape

    15 Minute Total Body Workout To Get In Shape

    All of us trying to do some kind of workout tend to get discouraged when we see difficult, time-consuming or equipment needing exercises. This article is especially for those who are trying to get into shape but don’t want to or are unable to give it a lot of time and/or money. So we all wish that there was some…

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  • Apr- 2016 -
    6 April
    NewsPhoto of 37 Life Hacks For Everyone

    37 Life Hacks For Everyone

    Whether we are students, graduates, working adults or forever in pain old people, we have a vast number of chores to do every single day. And on the days when we feel overwhelmed, we wish that we could have an easier way to do that heap of work. Worry not! Here we provide you with these totally amazing and effective…

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