37 Life Hacks For Everyone

Whether we are students, graduates, working adults or forever in pain old people, we have a vast number of chores to do every single day. And on the days when we feel overwhelmed, we wish that we could have an easier way to do that heap of work. Worry not! Here we provide you with these totally amazing and effective and time-saving life hacks:

1. Before you throw away a post-it, run it in between the keys of your keyboard to collect the dust that has been collecting over there ever since you bought that laptop/keyboard.

2. Tie a small piece of bright-colored fabric to the handle of your suitcase while traveling. It will save you time while checking if it’s your baggage or not. Plus, using neon colors will add some ~chic~ look to that boring old suitcase.

3. For those of you who use your phone for watching a crazy amount of youtube videos, tv shows or movies, stop being tired of holding your phone or placing it at non-sturdy places where your phone will fall down in a while. Use your sunglasses as a stand!

4. To waterproof your shoes, rub some beeswax all over it.

5. Whenever somebody gives you a business card and you don’t have a safe place to keep it, click a picture. You can do this otherwise too, just in case you lose it.

6. Put away those beautiful Christmas decorations of yours in chocolate boxes that you received (or bought for yourself).

7. When packing your clothes back at the end of a vacation, keep a bar of the scented soap that you got in your hotel washroom along with your dirty laundry. This way, they won’t stink by the time you return home.

8. Put a clean dustpan in your sink to fill a container that won’t fit in the sink.

9. Hold your cookbook open and in front of you while cooking by holding it on a pants hanger.

10. Use a spring from an old pen to keep your charger from bending and breaking.

11. You can also cover the cord of your charger in some colored tape to differentiate it from that of your sibling or roommates.

12. Make your drinks cooler in 15 minutes by wrapping a wet paper towel around the glass or bottle and putting it in the freezer. It’ll be ice cold in 15 minutes!

13. Put that leftover pancake mix in an empty ketchup bottle for safe storage and a no-mess experience while pouring it in the pan.

14. Clean out an old lotion bottle for your beach bag and put your phone, money and keys in it for a safer keeping at the beach.

15. Use a muffin tin or muffin molds to serve condiments at a barbecue.

16. Paint similar looking keys with different nail polishes to save time while opening doors.

17. Almost finished your jar of Nutella or your favorite jam? End it with adding ice cream to the jar and eating directly from it.

18. Divide your drawers or storage boxes easily and inexpensively using toilet paper rolls.

19. Cut open toilet paper rolls and use as a cuff to save your wrapping paper and chart paper and keep it from unrolling.

20. To easily remove the stem from strawberries, poke a straw through it. This way you can remove stems from multiple strawberries at once!

21. For iced coffee and iced cappuccinos, use frozen coffee cubes to ensure the drink doesn’t get watered down.

22. Place a rubber band around an open paint can to wipe your brush on and keep paint off the side of the can.

23. Put a wooden spoon across a boiling pot of water to keep it from boiling over.

24. Take pictures of friends holding your items that you have lent them using your phone so that you don’t forget about it or your friends don’t make a false claim that they never took it.

25. Save time while peeling off the shell of boiled eggs by adding one teaspoon of baking soda into the boiling water. It will make the shell come off effortlessly.

26. If you’re stuck with storing your clothes in a drawer, stack them vertically. It will help you see them all and save time as you choose what to wear.

27. Stop cutting your finger with the blade of your blender while you’re washing it and use this totally easy and quick way to clean it: Add soap and water to the dirty blender. Whirl it the way you whirl your drinks in that blender. Rinse it. Voila!

28. To get rid of the built up residue on your shower head, tie a plastic bag containing vinegar around the shower head and leave it on for 30 minutes. Remove it and turn on the shower for about a minute. Done. If you still feel unsatisfied, repeat the process for another 30 minutes or overnight.

29. Rub a walnut over damaged wooden furniture to cover up dings or scratches that your pet made.

30. Put your straw the tab of your soda can to keep it from rising out of your drink.Yes, this is what the hole in the tab is for.

31. Hold your Oreos with a fork in the creamy layer while dunking it so that your fingers don’t get messy and you can dunk it entirely.

32. Use an accented letter in your phone or laptop password. No one will ever be able to guess it.

33. When reheating leftovers in the microwave, put a glass of water along with it to prevent the food from drying out.

34. Don’t burn yourself in those hard to reach candles. Light a stick of spaghetti and use it to light the wick.

35. Use a clothespin to hold a nail whilst hammering.

36. Keep plastic wrap on the banana stems to make them stay fresh over a week and longer. Cut bananas off as needed.

37. As soon as you remember something that you have to do later, write it down.

Riya Chopra

At 16 years of age, Riya is an aspiring mathematician and an amateur artist. She likes writing about the different ideas that come to her mind every now and then. She is an optimistic person and likes to make people around her happy. She also love to explore places around her on her bicycle. She respects knowledgeable people regardless of their age and likes to listen to them and expand her own knowledge.
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