Zack Snyder Confirms Random Batman Vs Superman Easter Egg

Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman was a polarizing film that has left fans debating since its release.This was the film that critics and fans deemed too serious for its own good -Too many symbolisms and too many slow motion scenes. But that does not mean that the movie was not a hit with audiences worldwide.Now with the movie having been released in digital, Blu-ray, and DVD formats, fanboys are rewatching the movie to come by some fun references/easter eggs that are so subtle that it would take only the hardcore fans to dig up.


Some of the more obvious references that have been confirmed were Perry White’s “It’s not 1938 anymore!” swipe (Superman’s debut year in Action Comics), and then there were more obscure eggs – like the man who uncovers Jimmy Olsen’s tracking device, Anatoli Knyazev (genetically augmented villain “KGBeast”).


Batman superfan @mas_critical dug up one of the most obscure easter eggs that was actually true. While watching the film, something caught the fan’s eye. It was a broken window that was shaped like the Canadian state of Ontario. Now why was this an easter egg you might ask? Superman creator Joel Shuster was born in the Canadian province.

The fan was not one to just theorize, he asked if his little finding was true via Twitter to Snyder, cinematographer Larry Fong, and photographer Clay Enos. A personal friend of the director, Enos showed the still to him for confirmation. Snyder happily affirmed the egg, saying “#finally someone noticed.”

batman vs superman zack snyder

Say what you will about Batman Vs Superman, but you cannot deny the fact that Snyder has put a lot of effort into his DC films- Man of Steel, BvS. It takes only the ultimate fanboy to actually be knowledgeable about some of the easter eggs thrown in the film and it looks like the film’s director is the biggest fanboy.

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