5 Most Courageous Things Ever Done By Harry Potter And Ron Weasley

Harry Potter was the main leading hero of the Harry potter series. He along with his friends, mainly, Ron and Hermoine have showcased immense courage many times. These three always got indulge in some adventurous tasks to solve mysteries in almost every Harry potter sequel. Though Harry Potter and Ron Weasley share a special bond of friendship which encouraged them to do courageous things and but their life in danger for each other. Here are the 5 most courageous things done by Harry and Ron ever.

Fought With A Troll

Hermoine was been portrayed as an intelligent but dominating character in Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. Ron while conversing with his friends makes fun of Hermoine, unknowingly that she was right behind them. This disheartens Hermoine and she went to weep in girl’s bathroom, meanwhile, a troll enters the Hogwarts premises. Soon this news spread in the castle. When they both came to know about the fact that Troll has entered girl’s bathroom, they hasted to save Hermoine. Harry used some spells and tricks to defeat him. Ron also tries to trick him but he failed, they both very bravely stood against the Troll. The troll was finally beaten when his own bat falls on his head. They both fought giant troll-like brave soldiers in order to save their friend’s life.

Ron Rescued Harry In A Magical Car

5 Most Courageous Things Ever Done By Harry Potter And Ron Weasley

Harry Potter being an orphan used to stay with his mother’s sister. They were extremely rude to him, treated him very badly and one day locked him up in his room. In Harry Potter And Chamber’s Of Secret, Ron rescues Harry for his Aunt’s house by stealing his family’s magical car. He parks the flying car at the window of the room. He broke the window so Harry could escape and flew the car as soon as possible. Harry still had hanging out of the car, Ron being an amateur driver, imbalanced the car in anxiety, which made Harry almost fall out of the car. But after all these risky adventurous they both managed to reach Hogwarts safely. They were punished for their act later because underage magic in the real world was unauthorized by the ministry.

Fought With Spiders In The Dark Forest

In Harry Potter And The Chamber’s of Secret, Harry came to knew that Hagrid had opened the chamber before. In order to solve the quest, he went to seek Hagrid’s advice. Hagrid advised them to follow spiders in order to find the answers. When Harry and Ron followed spiders, they entered into the dark forest. The forest was full dark creatures and danger. They discovered a huge spider in the forest which turned to be Hagrid’s friend. He told them about the secrets of Baskilis. The spider was a terrifying monster who had thousands of kids. When their conversation was over, his kids attacked Harry and Ron.They both ran to save their life. The spiders kept growing in number, so they used their defensive spells to save their lives. After having a long struggle of survival admits of the spiders, realisedRon’s family car arrived, which helped them to escape from the dark forest.

EnteredInto The Chambers Of Secrets

Ron’s sister was petrified by the monster of the chamber of secrets. Harry and Ron found out the way to open the chamber realized that the monster traveled through pipes, in the old girl’s bathroom. This enabled them to reach the entrance of the chamber. Harry knew the language of snakes so he unlocked the gate. They found that the entire floor was filled with skeletons of fishes. This made them more nervous. Suddenly few stones fell, which made a barrier between Ron and Harry, so Harry decided to go alone and rescue ginny. He fought with the basikils and encountered Tom riddle.

Drank Polyjuice Potion and Deceived Malfoy

In Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets, Harry, Ron, And Hermoine doubted that Malfoy was the heir of Slytherin and he was killing muggles. To confirm this fact they plan drink poly juice potion which could temporarily give looks of another person. Both Ron And Harry drank the potion and went to Malfoy’s room. They tried their best to enact like Malfoy’s friends. Malfoy continuously insulted Harry and his friends, but they both patiently listened, because they have to know the secret of the chamber. Gradually the potion’s effect started diminishing, they both ran as fast as possible, from the fear of being caught. If they were caught the consequences could be adverse. In spite of knowing all the risks, they executed the plan very courageously.

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