MCU: Zodiac Signs of Marvel’s Avengers

Zodiac Signs of Marvel’s Avengers:

The Avengers team in the Marvel universe consists of several members with different personalities. Each of their characters is driven by their respective zodiac signs which have been determined with their birthdays. Find out which Avenger shares your zodiac and if you two have any similar characteristics.

 1. Spider-Man

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Peter Parker was born on 27th August which makes him a Virgo. That explains his diligence in his work and studies. He is hardworking and ambitious, especially when it came to meet his mentor, Tony Stark’s expectations. And like a true Virgo, he over-thinks everything but is very down-to-Earth.

 2. Bruce Banner

Can’t vouch for Hulk, but Bruce who is the most chilled out Avenger has to be a Sagittarius. He is an agreeable man who is liked by everyone in the team. Born on 18th December, all Bruce needs is something new to learn and create every day, and some fun too.

 3. Black Widow

 Zodiac Signs of Marvel’s Avengers

Be it Black Widow or a Scorpio, both will sting you if you hurt them or their loved ones. Natasha was born on 22nd November’84 and is a fierce Scorpio. This zodiac is known to be very secretive and our Black Widow is full of dark secrets. We hope that some of them will be revealed in the upcoming Black Widow movie. She is one of the bravest Avengers who won’t get scared in the face of danger. She is also strongly driven by determination and nothing can stop her once she has her mindset on it. Her resolution to bring back everyone from the snap is the best example of it.

 4. Iron Man

The proud and super genius man who likes to challenge everyone has to be a Gemini. Tony Stark was born on 29th May 1970. A Gemini can be going through a hurricane but will still manage to hide his feelings with jokes and move on. He counts on only one or two people who mean the world to him. Like a Gemini, Tony also has an insatiate thirst for knowledge.

 5. Hawkeye

Zodiac Signs of Marvel’s Avengers

Clint’s birthday falls on 7th January which makes him a Capricorn. While most of his colleagues have superpowers or use high tech ballistics, Clint is an equal threat with his combat skills and finest archery. He wasn’t gifted with powers but with resolution and diligence, this human is no less than the mighty Avengers. Capricorns and Scorpios are meant to be best friends and compatible, hence Natasha and Clint form the second-best friendship after Steve-Bucky. In his personal life, Clint is extremely loyal to the few people he cares about.

 6. Captain America

This shouldn’t be news that Captain America was born on the 4th of July. He holds excellent leadership qualities like a Cancer. Steve is often driven by his emotions which make him over-sensitive and reckless. But his best and the most striking trait is his hardcore loyalty towards his loved ones. Captain America is admired for standing with what’s right and for his compassion and these are also noteworthy traits of a Cancer.

 7. Bucky Barnes

Zodiac Signs of Marvel’s Avengers

Bucky is a Pisces as he was born on 10th March. This explains his unbreakable bond with Steve Rogers who is a Cancer. Like a Pisces, Bucky always puts the needs of his loved ones before himself. Nothing is more important to him than relationships and friendships. That’s why he was so protective of Steve like he was his own brother before he became Captain America. Bucky also gave up his life while fighting for Steve but unfortunately got captured by Hydra.

 8. Doctor Strange

Another super secretive and enigmatic Avenger! Doctor Strange’s birthday falls on 11th November. He has the dedication and will of a true Scorpio that helped him in completing his studies and becoming the Master of Mystic Arts. Becoming a wizard in a couple of months is not everybody’s cup of tea but Stephen Strange made it possible.

 9. War Machine

Zodiac Signs of Marvel’s Avengers

The idealistic James Rhode is a pure Libra. He was born on the 8th of October. He is a peace-maker and gets more productive in partnership. As a Libra, he is meant to get along the most with a Gemini, which is why he is an excellent teammate to Iron Man. War Machine is a typical Libra for his cleverness and the need to find the logic behind everything.

 10. T’Challa

Zodiac Signs of Marvel’s Avengers

Such a determined and strong-headed man carries the traits of a Taurus. However, he was born on 21st May which throws him at the cusp of both Taurus and Gemini. While his Taurus nature makes him ambitious and reliable, his Gemini heart makes him flexible and open to new opportunities. It was his Gemini side that allowed him to open the gates of Wakanda to the rest of the world.

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