Fans Have Found A Stupid Way in Which Captain America 1 Predicted Coronavirus Outbreak

Captain America 1 Predicted Coronavirus Outbreak:

Captain America: The First Avenger is one of the most underrated origin stories of the MCU. It deserves far more credit than it has got. The movie was surely better than Thor, and you could easily place it among the top 5 solo origin films of the MCU. The movie was able to capture the aesthetic of 1940s in a great way. And many would agree that this first film is what resulted in the Captain America Trilogy being the best of all. Anyway, you’d be surprised to see that the fans think that along with being credited as one of the better MCU films, Captain America 1 should be credited as the film that rightly predicted the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Captain America 1 Predicted Coronavirus Outbreak

At the very end of the film, Captain America wakes up in the present day and gets all confused as the last thing he remembers is fighting Red Skull & Hydra in the year 1945. He resists captivity and runs out of the facility he was in, only to find that the world around him had changed a lot. As he takes a stroll through New York Times Square, we see the camera revolving around him. Among the many billboards that we see around him, there’s one that shows an advertisement of the Corona beer, and there’s another billboard that shows an image that looks much closer to that of a virus. Hence, people have a theory in mind stating how Captain America: The First Avenger predicted the Coronavirus. And it’s not just that. There’s another 2020 reference that relates to the Black Lives Matter protests that happened after the demise of George Floyd. Take a look at the fan theory suggesting these predictions.

Well, this is a crazy coincidence. It is almost believable that Captain America somehow predicted the Coronavirus by placing two advertisements. But apparently, another Marvel fan has done his research upon it looking through several movies that were shot in New York Times Square just to find the billboard that seemingly showed us an image of the virus. It took quite a bit of hard work to find an image of the same billboard from 2011. And you know what? When this fan did find it, he proved that it wasn’t an image of the virus. Take a look at what it actually is:

If only you were in front of me when I found out that it was an ad for Spaghetti, you would’ve seen me laugh harder than Drax did when Mantis revealed Quill’s deepest secret in front of him. This was an amazing coincidence and kudos to the one who did make the relation to Captain America & the Coronavirus.

Captain America 1 Predicted Coronavirus Outbreak

Moving on, the credit for predicting the Coronavirus shouldn’t go to Captain America: The First Avenger, but it should definitely go to another 2011 movie, i.e. Contagion. That is the film that gave us a clear picture of how things could be when the world is stuck by a deadly virus (from China). The similarities between Contagion and the situation of the real world are insanely similar. And it’s just crazy that Contagion was able to show us our future 9 years ago, only we didn’t know it back then that the movie was actually showing us our future. But in the story of Contagion, a vaccine was successfully formulated and spread across the world. So, we do hope that just like the situation of the Coronavirus pandemic is similar to the situation that was seen in Contagion, we will soon get a vaccine to cure the virus as well. Already a lot of people are infected and have died of the virus. Let’s hope that we will see some positive results relating to the vaccine in the near future.

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