Marvel Characters Who Made The Biggest Sacrifice in MCU

Biggest Sacrifice in MCU:

You don’t need superpowers or strength to become a superhero. The ability to sacrifice for the greater good makes one a hero. They don’t think of their selfish needs when it comes to protecting the innocents and their loved ones. MCU has witnessed many painful sacrifices that we dare to imagine doing even in our dreams.  Though the number of noble sacrifices is unfathomable in this universe, we have mentioned a few of them that moved us the most. Let us know of any such heroic moments not mentioned here, that moved you.

 1. Yinsen in Iron Man

Biggest Sacrifice in MCU

It all started with Yinsen without whom we might not have had Iron Man. We are grateful to Yinsen who changed the brat Tony Stark to a responsible hero. His sacrifice and knowledge never went to waste as Iron Man became the best superhero that the world ever had.

 2. Steve Roger’s Dance

Final Scene of Endgame

Steve did have the option to save his life and be with Peggy but at the cost of innocent lives. So, he decided to crash Red Skull’s plane, well aware that he would die in it and never get the dance with the love of his life. It was a big and painful sacrifice that not everyone can make.

 3. Bruce Banner Let Go Of His Love

Worst Romantic Relationships in MCU

Bruce Banner’s alter ego, Hulk, was a danger to his friends and loved ones. And being responsible for hurting his love interest, Black Widow was something that he couldn’t take at any cost. To keep Natasha aka Black Widow safe from him, poor Banner had to leave her and give up the chance of leading a normal life.

 4. Quicksilver Saved Hawkeye

Quicksilver and Hawkeye were always at loggerheads in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. What no one saw was a subtle love developing behind the teasing as Clint was like a father-figure for Pietro & Scarlet after they parted from Ultron. In order to save Hawkeye’s life, Quicksilver ran in and took the bullets on himself.

 5. Groot’s Sacrifice

Biggest Sacrifice in MCU

Groot’s language might be unintelligible to us but his love was not. He had a caring and dependable nature for his friends and didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his life while protecting them from getting even a scratch. He did take a rebirth but his sacrifice cannot be ignored.

 6. Doctor Strange Gave Himself Up

Strange’s biggest strength isn’t his magical powers but his genius brain. He has crossed paths with stronger wizards and demons but has still managed to win by his presence of mind. During his battle with Dormamu, Stephen knew that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Dormamu. So he trapped himself up in an endless time loop with Dormamu. After getting bored of killing Strange over and over again, Dormammu left Earth.

 7. Blood Didn’t Matter For Yondu

Yondu was not Peter’s birth father but his love for him was thicker than blood. Peter was determined to find his real father, who in the end turned out to be evil. But Yondu never gave up on Peter and sacrificed his life, crew, and all the wealth to keep the latter away from danger.

 8. Vision & Scarlet’s Love To Save The World

Worst Romantic Relationships in MCU

The only the way to save the world from vanishing was to destroy the Mind Stone before it got to Thanos’ hands. Knowing this, Vision took the hard route that would also take his life. But the sacrifice was more dreadful for Scarlet as she not only lost her love but had to kill it with her own hands.

 9. Black Widow’s Ultimate Sacrifice

Natasha was a cold-blooded assassin before she came across SHIELD and met the Avengers who became her family and made her a hero. After losing half of her people in the snap, Natasha would do anything to bring them back, even if it meant that she wouldn’t be there to welcome them. By happily giving up her soul to save her family, Black Widow finally removed the red of her ledger.

 10. Tony Stark Sacrificed His Happy Ending

Avengers: Endgame Thanos Tony Stark

Tony lost nights of sleep anxious about saving the world as Iron Man. When he did get the chance in the end, by then he had a wife and daughter. But Tony sacrificed his life and gave up his perfect life and happy family in order to save the world.

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