Captain America 4 Villain Revealed In Set Photo

After being absent from the MCU for more than ten years, Tim Blake Nelson is finally making a comeback as Captain America 4 villain. When we thought that was enough, Marvel Studios surprised us once more by revealing Nelson’s comeback at the D23 Fan Expo. Marvel Studios dropped this news bomb on fans during the San Diego Comic-Con in 2022. Nelson’s first MCU project was The Incredible Hulk (2008), where he played Sterns; this will be his second.

Even more thrilling is the fact that other notable characters from the movie, like Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross, will be returning for Phase 1 ties. This film will be Sam Wilson’s first full-length adventure using the Captain America shield as if that weren’t enough to send our superhero-loving hearts racing. However, he will undoubtedly have his hands full because this villain is unlike any he has ever encountered.


Thanks to Tim Blake Nelson’s appearance on the Captain America: New World Order set, we have our first look at him. He’s reprising his role as Dr. Samuel Sterns, who will eventually become the Leader in the adaptation, which is said to be “very comic accurate.”. Nelson is walking next to a line of trailers while sporting the traditional outfit for his character from the first Hulk movie: a purple pair of pants and a green collared shirt.


His hands are painted green in the pictures, which might be the first step in the makeup he will use to resemble the Leader. He also has messy hair and a scraggly but short beard, hinting at his descent into villainy. In addition to revealing Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson and Harrison Ford’s new role as Thunderbolt Ross, these set photos are the most recent of many to emerge from Captain America 4. Despite the fact that we are still largely in the dark regarding Captain America 4’s story, the announcement of Tim Blake Nelson’s comeback after 15 years is enough to send fans into a frenzy.


After all, the story arc involving his character has been among the most unresolved in the MCU’s history. Samuel Sterns accidentally ingested the Hulk’s blood, which turned him into the Leader. And when the Hulk’s blood caused his head to begin to grow, it hinted at the possibility that he might embrace his evil, superhuman side. We can only hope that more information about Nelson’s character will be revealed soon since set photos for the fifth and final Phase movie are being released fairly frequently. The movie Captain America: New World Order is currently in production and is scheduled to open in theaters on May 3, 2024.


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