Total Mayhem!

With Natalie dead, does Alex lose it? Or does she take it as a form of boost up and gather the courage to pull herself together?

The previous challenge at Quantico was quite demanding. So it obviously raised our expectation of the next hurdle they would face. Too bad that we were disappointed. Learning to prove that the culprit is guilty is an important thing. But this episode concentrated too much on how each trainee relates each challenge to their personal lives and how they have had a difficult background, because of which they are a good candidate for FBI. All in all that part of the episode was a little bit boring and totally not related to the central part of the sitcom: the bombing. Raina is treading on dangerous water here. Venturing all by herself among people unknown. It’s good that Nimah is looking out for her sister. But she better not acts too rashly because of the jealousy that Miranda chose Raina and not her.

As for the nerd guy, he is poking his nose into unwanted business. Caleb is not known for going soft on anyone who messes with him. Based on how this episode fared, there is mostly two outcomes. Either Caleb is trying to save Shelby by finding out what the fake-half-sister is up to or he is the one pulling the strings in need of money. Most probably it would be the former option because it just doesn’t seem right that Caleb is the type of guy to play double games.

Alex got quite a lecture from Liam. In a way what he said made perfect sense and maybe she wants to stay the better person, which can be done if she finds dirt on the other. Drew acted truly based on emotions. But the guy cannot be blamed. He lost his Fiance and unborn child! He deserves some slack. Chucking him out of Quantico is not commendable. Miranda had every right to be pissed off. Can’t wait to know how Liam is going to get out of this one. In a way, he was responsible for the death of Alicia. The least he could do is show a little remorse. His behaviour towards Drew was utterly cold.

Most of us would have thought that Natalie’s death would have made the news. It is not that easy to cover up an explosion. In a way, it seems to make sense. If people had known that Natalie had been killed, then it would become obvious that Elias was not the mastermind and that would tip the FBI off. But till now it is not clear as to what they want. They just keep bugging Alex. Now that Simon is there to back Alex up, there is a little shimmer of hope that they can succeed and be a step ahead of the terrorists. Provided they don’t screw up again and Simon ends up dead. The way Alex talked to Ryan, seemed as if she was saying an indirect goodbye. With Simon sticking the wire into the phone before she picks up the call, it must have been a way to decrypt the metallic voice we suppose.

“To know is better than to wonder what would have been”

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