How I Met Your Mother’s Alternate Ending Outshines The Original

How I Met Your Mother was a popular TV show that ran for nine seasons, but its ending left fans feeling disappointed and angry. The show’s storyline followed Ted’s journey to find his soulmate, Tracy, but in the finale, she died from a terminal illness. Ted then ended up with Robin, causing outrage among fans who believed that Tracy was the true love of Ted’s life. However, the show’s creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas had How I Met Your Mother’s alternate ending planned. The alternate ending, which was released on the final season’s DVD, was a better fit for the series and was well-received by fans.

In this ending, there was no mention of Tracy’s death, and Ted did not end up with Robin. Instead, the ending focused on the chemistry and connection between Ted and Tracy, which was evident from their very first meeting. The alternate ending began with Ted’s narration to Lily at his wedding reception to Tracy, where he explained that his journey to meet his wife wasn’t actually that hard. He gave a short and sweet recap of the events of the entire series, highlighting that the journey to find one’s soulmate is weird, complicated, and full of joy. This monologue served as an excellent summation of how all nine years of the show were necessary.


The alternate ending then dropped out of Ted’s narration and back into his first meeting with Tracy at the bus stop. It was raining, and as they huddled under her yellow umbrella, they struck up a playful argument about whose it was. The banter and puns exchanged between the two showed off their chemistry and hinted at the possibility of a great love story. As the scene progressed, the two realized that they had traded the umbrella back and forth throughout the years, missing each other by a hair’s breadth. This poignant moment reinforced the theme of serendipity that was so prevalent throughout the show.


The last scene of the alternate ending was the perfect conclusion to the show. It encapsulated the true essence of How I Met Your Mother, showing that the journey to finding one’s soulmate is not always easy or straightforward. The scene reinforced the idea that sometimes you just find things when you least expect them, and that life has a way of working itself out. The alternate ending did not focus on the conflict between Robin and Tracy, which was a prevalent theme throughout the show. Instead, it showed how Ted allowed himself to open up to the potential for a new love, and how Tracy had to move on from the death of her previous love before meeting Ted.


The decision not to use the alternate ending as the canon ending was likely due to the show’s popularity and the risks involved in predicting a series finale nine years in advance. The show’s creators shot the series’ final scenes ahead of time to prevent the actors who played Ted’s children from aging too much, which limited their options for the ending. If the show had ended after two or three seasons, a conclusion where Ted got back together with Robin might not have been as controversial, as there were plenty of fans who loved Robin. However, the show went on for nine seasons, during which Robin and Barney became a popular couple, making it difficult for the show’s creators to give fans a satisfying conclusion.


In conclusion, How I Met Your Mother’s alternate ending was a beautiful encapsulation of everything that worked about the show. It focused on the connection between Ted and Tracy, rather than the conflict between Tracy and Robin, and it reinforced the theme of serendipity that was so prevalent throughout the show. While the canon ending left fans feeling disappointed and angry, the alternate ending was a treasure to every fan who felt let down by what they saw on TV.


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