10 Reasons DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Is Much Better Than The Flash

The Arrowverse has four distinct shows – The Arrow, Super Girl, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The former two have carved out their own tones and themes. Arrow has a grounded approach and deals with the more human threats. Super Girl almost always deals with alien and paranormal threats. The latter two shows have had trouble making fans digest exactly what they represent. The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow almost always end up trying to fix problems related to the time stream. While some say The Flash is older and a much better show, we beg to differ. There are several reasons why Legends of Tomorrow is better than The Flash.

10. Each Episode is Unique

Both The Flash and Legends try to produce unique episodes. But only the Legends have succeeded in this regard. All episodes of The Flash are the same. The villain comes, Flash is powerless until Joe gives him a pep-talk, Flash defeats the Villain and Cisco and Wells still stay underappreciated. The Legends only use a cosmetic makeover to add variety to the episodes but at least they know what they are doing.

9. Better Character Interactions

The problem with the Flash is that there is absolutely no exploration of the Dynamic between the Star Labs team. Even after four seasons, there is still lack of plausible communication. Cisco’s puns and Wells’ sarcasm don’t count. The Legends though actually use the character interactions between the crew members to great effect.

8. LGBTQ+ Representation

Name one character from The Flash that belongs to the LGBT community. I know you can’t. The Legends though have Sarah Lance. And she has had several ‘encounters’ with several members that belong to her community. Legends has given equal representation to a relatively oppressed group and should be commended. Only casting a bunch of African American actors to claim you are progressive is offensive in and of itself.

7. Fight Scenes are better

The More, the merrier – since the Legends have not just one but several superheroes in their ranks, their fight scenes are prone to be more interesting to watch. Rory using his heat gun as the Atom flies overhead as Nate steels up to catch the bad guys by the neck – that is what prime-time entertainment’s all about. The Flash is stuck with Barry using the same speed tricks over and over again.

6. The Characters know they are outcasts and failures

The Flash has always had a holier-than-thou approach to things. Each superhero in The Flash believes that they are always doing the right thing, even if the thing they are doing could actually be questionable. The Legends, in turn, know that they are walking a thin line. Their actions which they think are the right thing to do could also result in a catastrophe. Their self-awareness about consequences and yet their courage to do it anyway is intriguing.

5. Bizarre, funnier concepts

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow make each show like a mini adventure. Just like Star Trek, each episode has a subplot that could be watched separately or could be interconnected to the central plotline according to Viewer’s discretion. The stories are different and thrilling. The Flash only makes use of a linear storyline that fails to catch the audience off guard.

4. The Rogues are better utilized

The Flash’s Rogues have one thing in common – they regularly get together to interact with each other but that does not necessarily reduce into a secret meeting to take down their arch-nemesis. The Flash TV Show has failed to portray that interaction n screen. But in Legends, Captain Cold and Heatwave’s interactions were the best part of the show. The fans realize they are not the good guys but they are not downright evil as well.

3. Romance is better and far in between

It took an entire season for Snart and Sarah to share their first kiss. Nate and Amaya were only friends with benefits until they realized they are not right for each other. They came back together, they separated and now writers are teasing a possible reconciliation. But all these events are taking place at the right place and at the right time. The Flash with its incessant Iris-Barry dynamics almost always makes the viewers throw up now and then.

2. Story never banks on a Single Hero


That is the thing that has dogged The Flash – Its almost always about The Flash. But the show is much more than just Barry Allen. Cisco, Harrison Wells, and Joe also have good story arcs. Only Caitlin has got enough screen time to be excluded. The Legends have multiple members, with several back stories that are always explored in depth.

 1. Dark Humor used right

Death should never be made fun of. That is the Golden Rule. Enter season 3 finale of The Flash. HR just died and had a funeral. Barry and Iris are laughing and smiling in their apartment later that night. WTF dude has some fucking respect for your dead friend!!! The Legends have none of that problem. They use humor at appropriate times and use it effectively. It does not feel forced like The Flash’s does. When Rip mentions they must travel to the time when Rory killed his own family, he just rolls his eyes and agrees with the rest of the team looks at him in awe.

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