Ryan Reynolds Creates A New Netflix Record With The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds is having a really high moment in his career as the actor has managed to feature in some of the best projects in the last few years. The actor has had some major releases on the Netflix streaming platform in the last few years and each has had quite a good reception from the audience. Even though most of these projects that he has starred in didn’t fare well with the critics, the audience surely made them quite popular. With the latest addition to his Netflix list of films, the actor has set a new record in the industry. The Adam Project has allowed Ryan Reynolds to set a new Netflix record with 3 projects being in the All-Time Top 10 list of the streamer.

Netflix Projects

The last few years marked an essential rise in the importance of streaming platforms. With the pandemic, theaters were shut down and this resulted in various projects being limited to a streaming platform release. This paved the way for major studios to release their projects and thus streaming platforms that didn’t really have many viewers also managed to gather a massive audience. But the most successful amongst these has to be Netflix with its wide variety of projects with a variety of stars building their own franchises.


The potential of the star is something that plays an essential role in the selling of a movie. Over the years we have seen this in the case of various action stars and how much making them the face of a movie gains viewers. Ryan Reynolds is one of the most successful stars as the actor has featured in a variety of successful projects over the years. He even managed to make the Deadpool franchise a success and he will be soon taking on the role again in the MCU. But this has also allowed him to gain notice from various streaming platforms as directors took him as the lead of their movies.


Ryan Reynolds’ New Netflix record

The Adam Project has managed to be one of the most successful movies in Reynolds’ resume in just three weeks of its debut on Netflix. Directed by Shawn Levy the movie has a fair amount of nostalgia and an interesting take on the concept of narrative that allows it to be successful. The movie has actually managed to make it to the top 10 most popular English-language films produced by Netflix. This is not the only movie featuring Ryan Reynolds in this list as his previous entries include last year’s Red Notice and 6 Underground. Red Notice is actually the most successful among these movies and it actually stands at No. 1.


Below is the list of the top 10 most popular films based on the hours viewed in their first 28 days on Netflix.

1. Red Notice, 364 million hours
2. Don’t Look Up, 359.8 million
3. Bird Box, 282 million
4. Extraction, 231.3 million
5. The Unforgivable, 214.7 million
6. The Irishman, 214.6 million
7. The Adam Project, 209.7 million
8. The Kissing Booth 2, 209.3 million
9. 6 Underground, 205.5 million
10. Spencer Confidential, 197.3 million


Shawn Levy Talks About The Milestone

In an interview with THR, director Shawn Levy expressed his happiness over this milestone achieved by Ryan Reynolds. Levy has already been quite supportive of the actor and both have had quite a successful run with last year’s Free Guy also being a major success with the audience. The director stated:

I’m not going to be shy. To see both Adam Project and Free Guy connect in such a globally commercial way is really meaningful to Ryan and I. I don’t make niche programming. I make mainstream programming. And to have both Adam Project and Stranger Things in the upper echelon of the most-watching programming on Netflix is a point of pride.


new Netflix record

The director is also excited about the way that his latest venture with Ryan Reynolds is being watched by the viewers. According to him, people coming back for second viewings of the movie is another reason why it has been so successful. He added:

The way that it is being rewatched and being kept alive on social media with such sustained energy is a joyous surprise.

We can only expect this working duo to get together again soon and give us another taste of their work on the platform. Levy will be working as the actor for Deadpool 3 which will mark the debut of the character in the MCU and thus become a Disney venture. Even though it is not known whether this movie will see Hugh Jackman appear or not, Levy has been quite outspoken about his eagerness to bring together Jackman and Reynolds for a project. It would be awesome to see if this ends up being a Netflix project since we are quite sure that the streaming house won’t miss nabbing these two stars.


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