5 Things Quantico’s 4th Episode Answered

Four episodes down, the series is picking up speed and unravelling a complex web of lies, double-cross and secrets. The four episodes has been filled with what moments and we still don’t know who the bomber is. And the Raina-Caleb team-up was to die for! But there are a few questions the latest episode answered.

Alex Parrish is innocent

Someone has been framing Parrish the minute she entered Quantico (and possibly way before that). If Director Clayton has secret agents like Simon Asher on her, without Liam O’Connor knowing about his secret, we can be rest assured that the top brass is involved in her framing. Maybe her past has something to do with it: her father’s death, Michael’s involvement with Liam, him not being a good agent.

Ryan Booth is on Alex’s side.

The fact that he’s dating Natalie might come as a shock to some people, but he definitely has feelings for Alex. The answer to why he is helping her out may be a difficult one. Is it because he feels guilty of making her one of Liam’s “marks” during training? Or is it because he has a genuine romantic inclination towards her? Red flag moment: He got shot on the shoulder with the paintball and again in Alex’s apartment. Does anybody else find that a bit suspicious?

Shelby Wyatt and Alex Parrish are no longer BFFs

Shelby is hiding more than just a half-sister. The secret is something so big that it strains the wonderfully constructed relationship that we see between her and Parrish. Their relationship was one thing I looked forward to in the present timeline and their fall out was such a bombshell! Knowing Shelby’s secret will either put her in the clear or make us more wary of her. Either way, I can’t wait to know what she’s hiding.
Simon Asher is not framing Alex

After oscillating between guilty and innocent, I believe Simon is not behind the bombings. He may be guilty of a lot of things, but not of framing Parrish or bombing Grand Central. But there still is something huge that he is hiding. An alias, a false past, something. Is there an ulterior motive behind helping Parrish escape, yet again? Simon’s character is still hazy.
Simon leaves Quantico, dishonoured

Can this be due to Elias’ probes? We know that he has dedicated his waking hours to find the truth about Simon Asher’s past. It’s hard to digest that his sole motivation is an “interest” in Simon’s true self. There are more than a couple of NATs who have something to hide. Elias’ constant vigilance is somewhat annoying because it takes too much time off the main story.
Kill” gave us more gossip than Gossip Girls

The tiny titbits of information that we come across in this episode are absolutely necessary to build up a plausible backstory. The two-timeline plot can be taxing at time (we want to see more of present-day Parrish, please!) but the past helps us understand the characters better. We get too see some character developments like Miranda’s raw side, the Amin twins’ bond, Booth’s rebellion against Liam’s orders and Clayton’s impatience. I think small side-plots are necessary to make any show worth watching and Quantico does a good job of following everyone’s timeline. I love how they are introducing one NAT-turned-agent in successive episodes. Will it be the twins’ chance next episode? Let’s hope so!


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