Moon Knight Could Introduce 2 Horrifying & Dark Marvel Teams in MCU

It has become quite certain that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is working on various other characters so that it can work on the future of the franchise. This was quite apparent with a lot of new characters already introduced and a lot more set to be introduced in recent projects. The range of these characters is also quite varied as they seem to be serving a wide variety of narratives. But it seems that there is a lot more excitement awaiting us as we go through some more of these interesting arcs and stories. The next series we will get to see now will be the Disney+ show, Moon Knight. If the narrative of the Moon Knight series is followed according to the comics, then it might be the perfect vehicle to introduce a couple of Dark Marvel Teams like the Midnight Sons and the Legion of Monsters.

Moon Knight

We got our first look at the Disney+ series Moon Knight recently and it was actually one of the most exciting trailers we got to see recently. There was a massive amount of excitement surrounding this project because it will take the MCU in a whole new direction. The dark narrative of this character is definitely something that the series would have to pick up and the teaser definitely hinted at that. Some fans are saying it actually might end up being one of the most interesting projects that have come out of the Disney+ platform.


Because of the supernatural elements that are a part of the arc of Moon Knight fans are expecting to see some more references to the supernatural in the series. Another interesting project that has close connections to the supernatural is the upcoming Blade movie. Both of them were being linked for a possible team-up in the Moon Knight series itself. While Marvel has confirmed that they are working on an MCU Halloween Special, fans are expecting to see the Werewolf by Night might actually make his debut in Moon Knight. With Fist of Khonshu being very well rooted into the Egyptian mythology, fans are expecting to see some mummies make it into the project too.


Two Dark Marvel Teams Moon Knight Can Set Up

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There is hardly a chance that this massive range of characters will end up making their debut in the MCU with Moon Knight. But there are some other things that the series might actually end up setting up for the future of the franchise. Moon Knight has been a part of various groups that have involved characters like Blade, Ghost Rider, and others. While two of these characters are getting their own projects, the series might end up giving way to a whole new supernatural team-up.


1. The Midnight Sons

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We got to see a bunch of supernatural heroes in the Marvel comics team up in 1992 so that they can prevent a powerful threat from the dark dimension. The narrative for the team-up was given way with the storyline for Rise of the Midnight Sons and this became quite a significant team. We got to see them come together quite a few times in the future of the comics in storylines like Midnight Massacre and Siege of Darkness. Moon Knight has also been a part of the group on several occasions.


2. Legion of Monsters

Dark Marvel Teams

Marvel has their own horror team that includes some of the most horrifying characters that have been a part of various spooky stories over the years. This is known as the Legion of Monsters and over the years it has seen a lot of additions and different leaders for the team. Fans were actually expecting to see this team showing up in the Disney+ series WandaVision. But just like the Mephisto theory, this was dumped, and yet there’s a way for Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness to show this narrative actually working out. The team consists of characters like Man-Thing, Morbius, and Jack Russell/ the Werewolf by Night.


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It seems too far-fetched for a single Disney+ series to actually end up introducing two such massive team-ups. But still, Moon Knight might actually be the very project that might actually have a better chance of doing so. Considering the tone of the series we can imagine the possible directions it might end up taking. Moon Knight will premiere on the Disney+ streaming platform next year even though there hasn’t been a confirmed date for the series yet.

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