Ultra Instinct Actually Makes no Sense And Goes Against Everything Dragon Ball Stands For

Ultra Instinct Goes Against Dragon Ball:

Ultra Instinct is the ability of the Gods. Goku’s Ultra Instinct moment in Dragon Ball is one of the most iconic milestones the Saiyan Superhero has ever achieved in the history of the series. But there are several reasons why it might be counter-productive and end up hurting the series in the end. And that is because it goes everything that Dragon Ball has built up over the years. So the question is – is Ultra Instinct really needed or will it be Dragon Ball’s doom in the near future?

We still do not know how it makes Goku stronger

Ultra Instinct Goes Against Dragon Ball

When Goku first unlocked Ultra Instinct, the ability granted him nigh-invincible speed and agility. In the world of Dragon Ball, speed is everything in close combat. The faster you are, the better your chances are at making the enemy kneel before you. But that does not mean strength is not required. Strength may be a secondary criterion but it is also necessary for a warrior. Goku has shown not only an increase in speed and reflexes while using Ultra Instinct but also a dramatic boost in brute force. Theoretically, Ultra Instinct is supposed to grant the user only a boost in speed on a factor that is a multiple of the speed of light.

How does Goku gain increased raw explosive strength? In his fight with Jiren, who is him-self a powerhouse teeming with energy Goku over-powered Jiren with not only speed but also in the domain of strength via using Ultra Instinct. Even against Moro, Goku has shown that Ultra Instinct Sign has made him stronger than even a Super Saiyan’s brute force levels. The relationship between Ultra Instinct and Enhanced Raw Power is baseless and since it does not have any explanation (with no indication of the anime giving one to the fans in the near future), it should be removed from Dragon Ball altogether.

The very foundation of Ultra Instinct is impossible

Ultra Instinct works on the principle of divine intuition. By channeling Godly Energy through your body and letting go of your thought process, Ultra Instinct helps the user eliminate the time delay between thought and action. So basically Ultra Instinct works on muscle memory and instinctive reactions. In the real world and even in the world of Dragon Ball where every martial arts expert has honed his body into becoming a living weapon, gathering hordes of muscle memory and training to rely on their instinct, it has been done and dusted so many times that we have lost count.

Ultra Instinct Goes Against Dragon Ball Stands For

So technically speaking, every martial arts expert has some form of Ultra Instinct because every close combat fighter worth his salt in Dragon Ball Z has worked tirelessly to gain the ability to react faster than the human eye can follow. Trained martial artists do not need even think when they move around in the battle-field. Their brain does not even come into the equation most of the time. All they need is muscle memory to get the job done. Ultra Instinct, hence, does not make any sense at all.

How did absorbing a Spirit Bomb trigger it

Ultra Instinct Goes Against Dragon Ball Stands For

Ultra Instinct was triggered when Goku created a massive Spirit Bomb but it failed to meet its target. The Spirit Bomb is a powerful technique. It is one of the strongest in Goku’s arsenal. The Spirit Bomb we saw in the Tournament of Power was one of the largest and most potent we had ever seen in the history of Dragon Ball. It should have completely obliterated Goku and sent him flying across the arena. But Goku somehow absorbed it. Spirit Bomb Absorption is the ability in Dragon ball that has been done a lot of times in the past. Both Future Trunks and Goku have absorbed a Spirit Bomb before to gain strength beyond human comprehension. But how did it trigger Ultra Instinct within Goku? That is, in fact, the trillion-dollar question.

If you go by sheer logic, the canon explanation that absorbing the supermassive Spirit Bomb triggered some form of survival instinct within Goku is utter crap. Spirit Bomb does not do that. Goku has done it before against Android 13. He did not develop Ultra Instinct then. Then how come Toriyama thought that the fans would not catch on to this? The actual details of how Ultra Instinct was unlocked within Goku have never been revealed. And they probably never will. And this makes this technique all the more frustrating to look at from a logical point of view.

Technically Goku may not use Ultra Instinct as frequently

Ultra Instinct Goes Against Dragon Ball Stands For

To use Ultra Instinct, the user must be pushed to the point of absolute exhaustion and fatigue. It needs Goku to be pushed well beyond his physical limits. As we all know, Goku is the strongest mortal fighter of Universe 7. There are not many opponents for Goku to spar and get beaten to a pulp just because he has surpassed most of them. This means that Goku can just use his Super Saiyan forms to get the job done. Why would he ever need Ultra Instinct? Super-Villains like Moro are not that common in Dragon Ball.

If Dragon Ball starts throwing villains stronger than Moro the Magician after the Moro arc, then fans will ask how come they were in hiding till now! Goku’s stature and position as the strongest mortal in the universe must mean something. It is just because of Goku’s incredible power upgrades over the years that he might never be forced to resort to Ultra Instinct, the criteria of which makes it somewhat of a final option.

If it is just a technique, why does Goku’s hair change color

Many do not know this but Ultra Instinct is not a transformation. It is not like a Super Saiyan form. When Goku uses Ultra Instinct, he is not really tapping into a deeper level of strength. Ultra Instinct’s grants abilities that are innate and enhance them to godly proportions. Whenever Goku unlocks a new level of the Super Saiyan form, his hair color and shape changes. Super Saiyan 1, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3 all showed visible physiological changes. Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan also showed some pretty cool changes by turning the aura as well as the hair color into a different tinge.

Dragon Ball Theories

Ultra Instinct is not a transformation. It is a technique. It should not give Goku the signature Hair Colour of White when he uses it. And yet, in the anime, that is what Goku looks like when he taps into Ultra Instinct. The Ultra Instinct ability has nothing to do with Goku’s surrounding aura. This fact does not meet any points of logic whatsoever.

It literally came out of the Blue

Dragon Ball Super Moro God of Destruction Before Beerus

 Goku works very hard to obtain strength and power. That is his signature trait. The Super Saiyan form and Kaio-Ken had really good build-ups till Goku unlocked them later to banish some really nasty fellows. Ultra Instinct on the other hand literally came out of nowhere. It was like Dragon Ball’s ultimate Deus Ex Machina moment. Nobody knew it existed. Jiren had been created by the writers to be too damn strong and Toriyama needed something to ensure his favorite Saiyan did not end up as minced meat. And then he suddenly came up with Ultra Instinct.

Ultra Instinct Goes Against Dragon Ball Stands For

In a span of a handful of episodes, Goku learned all about Ultra Instinct and unlocked. It. The moment is itself iconic but failed to make as much an impact as Goku’s first Super Saiyan transformation on Namek while he was fighting Frieza did. Many fans even claim that Ultra Instinct is just a way for the writer of Dragon Ball to get out of a plot dead end.

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