It’s Official: Vegeta surpasses Goku in the climactic Moro arc of Dragon Ball Super

For long we have wanted this to happen. There has been such a huge hype over Vegeta’s power in Dragon Ball. The Saiyan Prince is the one true Underdog of the Anime Industry. He has been second to Goku in almost every aspect of Dragon Ball. For decades, the Saiyan Prince has had to live under Goku’s shadow. Recent developments in Dragon Ball intend to change that. A lot has been going on in the current arc of Dragon Ball Super – the Moro arc. Goku has had his butt kicked and handed many times over. The Z Fighters other than Goku and Vegeta are finally getting some much-needed attention. And now Dragon Ball has upped the game entirely. They are breaking long-established traditions. Presenting – It’s Official: Vegeta surpasses Goku in the climactic Moro arc of Dragon Ball Super!!

Vegeta surpasses Goku in the Climactic Moro arc

Now before we begin, we would like to address a little but about the on-going Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc aka the Moro Arc. It has not yet been released under the anime banner. The Moro Arc is still yet to reach its end in the Manga.

Moro God of Destruction Before Beerus

Moro is an ancient Magician who once threatened the cradle of creation and had vowed to rule the entire realm. He became so powerful that the Gods themselves felt threatened by his existence. His greatest ability was his power to absorb the Ki from other individuals. Using his power to steal energy from other life sources, Moro could increase his own power levels all the while killing of scores of civilizations with a flick of his finger. The entire Mortal populace in the universe was under peril. That was when the Gods mounted up, joining forces to defeat the guy once and for all.

Vegeta surpasses Goku in the Climactic Moro arc

Moro was beaten and defeated but it came at a heavy cost. One of the Kais had to sacrifice his entire magic to trap Moro. Even when captured, Moro proved to be capable enough to elude death. Nobody could still kill him in his incarcerated state. So he was sent to a corner of the universe, being watched over by an elite group of warriors chosen by the Gods them-selves to keep an eye on Moro. This group was called the Galactic Patrol and it consists of members like Merus, a former Angel who gave up his duties so that he could be a part of the Galactic Patrol task force.

Moro escaped and used the Dragon Balls to not only wish him-self back to his prime but also use it to free his henchmen from the clutches of the Galactic Patrol. Moro was finally at his prime again, with an army that could level entire star systems easily. There was just one problem – during Moro’s absence from the universal stage, the Mortal Realm had also given birth to some fine warriors of its own! Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and the Z Fighters were potent warriors who were strong enough to fight Gods to a stalemate.

Vegeta surpasses Goku in the Climactic Moro arc

Goku and Vegeta were the two strongest warriors of Universe 7. They put up a good fight against Moro. Their powers in their Super Saiyan Form were what drove the fight against Moor to their favour initially. But the tides of the battle changed pretty soon when Moro used his energy absorption powers to absorb their Super Saiyan Ki into him-self. The one facvt the heroes of Dragon Ball had ignored was that Moro’s unique skillset gives him a distinct advantage in a battle. The stronger his opponent is, the stronger Moro becomes since the former’s energy is stolen by Moro later. As punishment for the impudence, Moro absorbed the life force of New Namek, destroying the entire Namekian Civilization in an act of ultimate revenge.

Moro God of Destruction Before Beerus

Goku and Vegeta knew that they were out-matched. Moro had a very dangerous ability they had no counter against. Goku decided to focus on his newly acquired Ultra Instinct ability and use it against Moro. Training under Merus, Goku mastered Ultra Instinct Sign – the initial stage and the gateway to the ultimate technique of the gods. Goku’s Ultra Instinct Sign also proved pointless against Moro since the Ancient Magician proved to have quickly found the flaw in Goku’s ability – it was unpredictable an volatile, Goku was yet to master it fully.

Vegeta traveled to the planet of Yardrat, where he focused on learning the ancient art of Spirit Control. Spirit Control was developed by the Elder Monks of Yardrat to give them an advantage in battle since they have very weak physiques. Spirit Control has the power to boost one’s physical attributes as well as energy output. It also provides other abilities like cloning, size alteration, and access to a space-time manipulation technique called Instant Transmission which allows a user o teleport at light speed across interstellar distances. The technique also increases one’s healing factor by superhuman margins.

Vegeta surpasses Goku in the Climactic Moro arc

Vegeta has always been seen as the runt of the litter. Even though extremely talented as a warrior, he was always outclassed by Goku aka Kakarot. It was about time that Vegeta got his time to shine again. His training in Yardrat finally bore some fruit. Goku had become complacent. Vegeta kept training and as a result he was able to do the unthinkable. He finally surpassed Goku in a field he has faltered consistently over these past couples of chapters in the Manga – Stop Moro!

Dragon Ball Super Moro Arc Could End

On New Namek, Vegeta realized how hopelessly outmatched he was against not just Goku but also Moro. His Super Saiyan Blue powers were completely ineffective against Moro the Magician. The only option he had was Spirit Control. And via the ability taught to him by the Elder Monks of Yardrat, Vegeta mastered an ability not even Goku had been able to tame. Vegeta’s newest ability all thanks to Spirit Control is Forced Spirit Fission.

Vegeta surpasses Goku in the Climactic Moro arc

Moro’s Drain Life Power is basically a highly advanced Energy Absorption ability. Forced Spirit Fission was designed to specifically counter warriors with the ability to steal energy. It can also be used against individuals with heightened Ki reserves. Vegeta uses Forced Spirit Fission to remove the energy from his enemy’s body, and then manipulate this freed up energy to either increase his own strength or dissipate it into the environment again. In case of Moro, Vegeta used Forced Spirit Fission to remove all the energy Moro had absorbed until this point and then release it back to their original owners. The Namekians, who were one of the first victims of the Drain Life power of Moro, returned back to the land of the living.

Goku is quite impressed by Vegeta’s new ability. Turns out Goku had also trained under the Yardrats after his fight with Frieza came to an end. But the maximum he could get to was master Instant Transmission. Vegeta had managed to learn Forced Spirit Fission, an ability that is considered to be the toughest discipline to master within the domain of Spirit Control. Goku himself admits in Chapter 61 that Vegeta has finally surpassed Goku.

Moro was finally taken aback by Vegeta’s wild card. But he managed to escape back to his ship using his magic and murder Seven-Three. It is later revealed that Seven-Three has a copy of all of Moro’s original powers. Moro returns back to Earth with his restored energies and makes Vegeta bite the dust, who is taken aback by the new element of surprise in Moro’s arsenal.

Vegeta surpasses Goku in the Climactic Moro arc

Even still, it is quite a feat for Vegeta to achieve. They say it is better late than never. Vegeta’s race to surpass Goku came with a few very huge early hiccups. It is finally satisfying for us to see him back on his two good feet, showing the entire world that he is more “talented” than everybody’s beloved Saiyan Warrior Goku could ever be. The Moro arc is taking us right to the edges of our seats. We will have to wait and see how things turn out in the end. We never know – Vegeta might have other trump cards under his sleeve as well.

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