Dragon Ball Theory States Android 16, Everyone’s Favourite Android, is Secretly Alive

Dragon Ball Theory States Android 16 is Alive:

The Androids were created by Doctor Gero – a genius mad scientist who wanted to use his knowhow to create the perfect artificial killing machines. His greatest creation will always be Cell. But before creating Cell, Doctor Gero created many other versions of his creations. The Android Saga revealed that before cell, Gero created Android 16, Android 17, and Android 18. The trio of androids would almost take down the Z Fighters on their own before becoming cannon fodder during the Imperfect Cell arc. Android 17 and Android 18 would return later in the series. But Android 16, the one that the fans actually fell in love with, never made a comeback. But this theory states that Android 16 might actually be alive and kicking in the Dragon Ball Universe.

Android 16 is till now the only member of the trio of Androids who never made it back to the screens again. Android 17 and Android 18 were also killed by Cell but they were brought back via various means. Android 18 was released from Cell’s body while Android 17 was brought back from the dead using the Dragon Balls. Dragon Ball never cared for Android 16, the android fans actually wanted to be resurrected again. Android 17 and Android 18 became recurring members in the Dragon Ball saga as of Dragon Ball Super. But where is Android 16? If the Dragon Balls could be used to bring back the two other androids, what is stopping Akira Toriyama from spinning the story in a way that resurrects Android 16 as well?

Android 16’s tale is one of redemption and salvation. He was created by Doctor Gero to be a harbinger of death and destruction. But amongst the three androids, it was Android 16 who readily fell in love with nature and realized that there is more to this world than just chaos. Unlike Android 17 and Android 18 that stuck to their programming and objectives of seeking out opponents to kill and things to destroy, Android 16 actually took the time and patience to understand what is going on and decided that he would do things a little differently. In the end, Android 16’s change of heart is considered as one of the truest moments in Dragon Ball History. His sacrifice to stop Cell is still one of the greatest milestones any character has ever achieved and one of the most memorable moments of the anime and manga.

Android 16 was part of the Cell Games arc. When Gohan and Cell were fighting it out in the arena, Android 16 stepped in and was swiftly destroyed. The only remaining part of his body was his head. Since and android does not feel pain, Android 16 remained alive and kept interacting with the rest of the Z Fighters via his head. A short while after that, Cell stepped on Android 16’s head and instantly killed him. The death of the soft-hearted and benevolent Android 16 then pushed Gohan beyond his limits of rage and was the reason he was the first Saiyan ever to unlock Super Saiyan 2. In the end, Cell was defeated and the Dragon Balls were used to bring all the casualties back to life. But Android 16 was strangely not included amongst the ones who were resurrected.

Dragon Ball Theory States Android 16 is Alive

But we have reason to believe that the nature-loving, meek hearted Android Warrior is actually secretly alive and well within the Dragon Ball Universe.

Why the Dragon Balls not being able to resurrect Android 16 is a lie!!

Some theorists claim that Android 16 was not able to be brought back using the Dragon balls were because he was a completely mechanical being. Unlike Android 17 and Android 18 who were once humans that were enhanced using cybernetic additions, Android 16 is actually a robot. Dragon Balls cannot be used to wish back a totally artificial life form back to the land of the living. This theory held water until a certain point in time.

Do you guys remember Android 8? Frankenstein like a monster who was once the prized creation of Doctor Gero was seen again after his death back in the yesteryears of Dragon Ball. During the Buss Saga, Android 8 makes an appearance yet again. It is revealed that he was part of the folks that were resurrected using the Dragon Balls after the Z Fighters wished for all the good-hearted people to return from the dead. Android 8 was also a purely mechanical being. If he does not count as human, then how come the Dragon Balls were able to bring him back? If being good-hearted was the criterion for bringing a robot back from the dead, then Android 16 must also count. He is the gentlest and kindest soul we have ever seen in the Dragon Ball saga.

Dragon Ball Theory States Android 16 is Alive

The reason Android 16’s resurrection could have remained a secret is simple – emotional impact. If you guys forgot, Android 16’s death foreshadowed something very crucial to Dragon Ball and the overall Saiyan saga. Gohan, inspired by Android 16’s speech of how he should let things go and use the potential within him to unleash the wrath of God on Cell in order to protect Earth and everyone in it was how he became Super Saiyan 2. If it had not been for Cell to stomp on Android 16’s head and the Android’s eventual death, Gohan would have never felt the urge to let rage take over him and unlock a deeper level of power.

Android 16 being resurrected just a few episodes after he made such a rousing speech would have diluted the entire Gohan Super Saiyan 2 moment. The show did not want that. It wanted Android 16’s sacrifice to have an impact. So even if he was resurrected, it would have been prudent to keep his return a secret from the others, including the viewers.

Dragon Ball Theory States Android 16 is Alive

If Android 16 does return, how could it be? Android 18 was readily brought into the fold of the Z Warriors, eventually becoming Krillin’s wife. Android 17 was brought back after a while when he became the part of Team Universe 7 during the Tournament of Power. It was Android 17 who actually won the Tournament and saved everyone. So is it okay to say that Dragon Ball is awaiting a vital moment like that to bring Android 16 back into the roster? It almost seems like it.

Android 16 and Android 17 share a mutual love for Mother Nature. The only difference between the two is that the former is a pacifist and dos not believe in violence. There has to be a strong enough reason for bringing Android 16 back into the fold. And we are talking planetary level threats. The recent Moro arc is surely one.

Dragon Ball Theory States Android 16 is Alive

Moro, an ancient Magician, who once challenged the Gods, has the ability to steal life forces from mortal beings. Using their Ki, Moro can add on to his own strength. He can steal the strength of an entire planet at a swing. Right now, even Goku has realized he might not have the power to stop Moro. The Androids – Android 17 and Android 18, are the only ones that can fight him. Since Androids do not generate Ki, there is nothing for Moro to steal from them. Vegeta has stepped in with his new Spirit Control powers but he will need support. Android 17 and Android 18 are almost spent. It is time for Android 16 (please be alive) to finally come out of hiding and show himself to the world in all his glory.

The last Dragon Ball arc to have been featured in the Manga is the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. Released in the year 2018, the Manga is still on-going and again sees the Dragon Ball Universe in grave danger from an ancient enemy that has broken free of its prison. The official synopsis for the arc reads:

Galactic Patrol Kidnapping. Following the ordeal surrounding Broly, Goku trains with Vegeta in the Gravity Training Room. … Vegeta asks why he needs Buu and Merus explains that a dangerous criminal has broken free of the Galactic Prison and in order to recapture him they need the assistance of the Grand Supreme Kai.

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