What is Forced Spirit Fission – Vegeta’s Mysterious New Power Finally Explained

We had all been waiting for this moment. We all wanted to see the Saiyan Prince gain the upper hand in his eternal race against Goku, his ultimate rival. We all have a thing for underdogs. We want them to win. Vegeta is the king of all underdogs. All his life has lived under Goku’s shadow. All his life, he has always been second. The recent Moro arc has decided to change that. Vegeta has finally gained a new power that helped him outrun Goku to become the world’s strongest Saiyan. But what is this enigmatic new power? Presenting – What is Forced Spirit Fission – Vegeta’s mysterious new power finally explained.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

Vegeta and Goku both mastered Super Saiyan God and combined it with the Super Saiyan base form to unlock the more sustainable Super Saiyan Blue. Goku then mixed it with Kaio-Ken to unlock Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken. Vegeta decided to gain power on his own terms, and by pushing himself even further, was finally able to access the power of Super Saiyan Blue Evolved – the true and final Super Saiyan Blue form. It looked like Vegeta had gained the upper hand when Goku astonished everyone with his newest power up – Ultra Instinct, the technique of the Gods.

Vegeta was again left in the dust trail left behind by Goku. When Moro the Magician arrived to destroy Universe 7, neither the Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form nor Goku’s Ultra Instinct power were able to stop him in his tracks. This was another window of opportunity for Vegeta to find a way to surpass Goku. Goku decided to train under Merus, a former angel. Under his tutelage, Goku gained the ability of Ultra Instinct Sign – the initial stage of the technique of the gods and the gateway to true Godly Power. Vegeta took a different approach.

Forced Spirit Fission – Vegeta’s Mysterious New Power

He traveled to the planet of Yardrat where he intended to learn the ancient martial discipline of Spirit Control developed by the Elder Monks of Yardrat. Spirit Control allows its user to vastly increase his Ki output and physical attributes. It was developed by the Yardrats to compensate for their relatively weak physique as compared to rather powerful and able-bodied races like the Saiyans and the Namekians. Spirit Control also grants its user other superhuman abilities like cloning, size alteration, and teleportation ability called Instant Transmission. Advanced users can even learn the ability to enhance their healing factors using Spirit Control.

Chapter 61 begins with Goku on his heels as he watches his strongest ally Vegeta take the reins of the fight. Vegeta is on the receiving end of the battle against Moro at first. But surprisingly, the fight soon starts turning in Vegeta’s favour. Nobody knows why.

It is then that Vegeta explains how he is able to keep up with Moro even when Goku could not. Vegeta has mastered the most difficult Spirit Control technique reserved for the highest echelons of the discipline. Called Forced Spirit Fission, this technique is what is making Moro become Vegeta’s plaything in the on-going battle.

Forced Spirit Fission – Vegeta’s Mysterious New Power

Forced Spirit Fission is a technique that allows a Spirit Control user to isolate the energy and Ki from his enemy out of the foe’s body. When the enemy is left to with no Ki since Forced Spirit Fission removes it from their bodies, the battle comes to a screeching halt. Vegeta was using the ability all this while he was getting the beating of a lifetime from Moro. Every time Moro hit him, Forced Spirit Fission would remove a portion of his Ki out of his body. In the end, after Moro hit Vegeta or Vegeta managed to hit Moro a set couple of times, Moro’s entire energy reserves were depleted. The energies he had stolen from other beings using his Drain Life ability was restored back to the individuals it originally belonged to.

Forced Spirit Fission – Vegeta’s Mysterious New Power

Although Moro managed to escape using his magic, Forced Spirit Fission had already turned him into his original older self, the version we saw him as before he wished himself to his prime after using the Dragon Balls. Forced Spirit Fission just might be the game changer we had all been waiting for Vegeta to attain all this while.

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