8 Questions We Have From Loki Episode 1, Glorious Purpose

Loki has made its way to Disney+ and we’re all loving it, aren’t we? The show has already explained to us the concept of the Multiverse and how the Time Variance Authority came into being. We also got to see the Time Keepers maintaining the ‘Sacred Timeline’. But there are some questions we have from Loki episode 1, “Glorious Purpose“. Of course, there are some things unclear as of now because it’s only the first episode, but I think you might have also thought of these questions after watching it:

Questions We Have From Loki Episode 1

1. Who Took The Infinity Stones Previously?

The Infinity Stones are all we know for the past 23 movies. They have been labeled as the ‘Infinity Saga’ due to Thanos’ quest to assemble the Infinity Stones and fulfill his destiny. Over the years, he sent many of his puppets to retrieve the stones, such as Ronan, Gamora, Nebula, and Loki too. However, the TVA is full of these Infinity Stones with little to no importance attached to them. But was Thanos the only one who was after these stones?

Well, I don’t think so. Let’s start with the Collector. The Collector had made it clear that his intention to own all six. I mean, at that point time they were considered the most powerful force in all of the Universe, weren’t they? Moreover, Odin may have had plans to assemble them in his own Infinity Gauntlet at one point. We also got to see an Infinity Gauntlet in the Asgard vault in Thor: Ragnarok.

One can get these Infinity Stones, but the Soul Stone is something that you cannot get that easily. To get the stone, one must need to sacrifice a soul they love. But when Thanos sacrificed Gamora, they were two other blood spots on the land of Vormir, indicating that someone has attempted the same in the past. Hence, it makes sense that at a point in time, these Stones were together collectively.

2. Is The TVA The Greatest Power In The Universe?

Till now, the MCU considered the Infinity Stones as one of the most powerful forces in all of the Universe. But the TVA has these Stones lying around useless and being used as paperweights. Moreover, when you’re in the TVA, no matter if you’re a wizard, you have no powers. Loki had been stripped of his magical powers, he could have been erased from the universe in an instant, and he was well and truly trapped.

The fact that these Infinity Stones are lying around completely useless is because they conform to a time and space outside the normal, the one that we have seen in the MCU. Moreover, the Authority was made by a trio of god-like space creatures to maintain the sacred timeline. So of course, I think that the TVA is far beyond the powers of the Infinity Stones.

But considering the MCU’s history, any formidable creature is soon left shattered in pieces. I mean, Thanos was considered to be a God-like force and even he was defeated by mortals. In fact, he was thrown out of existence. And these Infinity Stones that we talked about were the kill-weapon for the past 13 years in MCU. And now? Paperweights. Someone might even be playing catch in the TVA with these Stones.

3. Is The Show Inspired By Teletubbies?

Before the show even premiered, director Kate Harron talked about her influences on the show. Loki, in a lot of aspects, is vast. So driving inspiration from a bunch of movies and such is ordinary. She revealed that Blade Runner, Mad Men, and Teletubbies were the major influences. Obviously, there is an odd one out here, and it left fans intrigued and excited. Well, some of the inspiration was made clear with the Miss Minute presentation.

As of now, there has been no baby’s face in the mid-day sun, no anthropomorphic vacuum cleaner, and no cast rolling down the hills. But there are still five episodes to go so no one knows what to expect. It could be that the Miss Minute presentation is as far as it would go in terms of cheeky animation. But considering the nature of Loki being bizarre, a Teletubbies presentation would be no surprise.

4. Why Is Loki Attacking The TVA?

Mobius had clear intentions of roping Loki into work for them. It was only until the end that he reveals that there’s a killer variant somewhere out there, and it is Loki himself. Agent Mobius wanted to keep him around because he could use him. If it was for the judge and the Minute Men, he would have been erased. He revealed to Loki that he had been investigating a case about a murderous variant attacking the TVA members.

In the end, we saw the mysterious hooded figure attacking the members of the TVA and killing them. Mobius has revealed that it is Loki, but we did not get to see his face. What an epic cliffhanger! This prompted me to think of a branching timeline where Loki has a grudge against the TVA. But I know that it sounds too ambiguous as of now. For now, Loki has accepted his fate and I think he is ready to work with the TVA. Let’s wait for the next episode till then.

5. Does The Show Link To The Multiverse Of Madness?

Questions we have from Loki episode 1

The Infinity Saga is now at an end. So what’s next for the MCU? Yes, the Multiverse. WandaVision gave us the concept of alternate realities, and we are all patiently waiting for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But is Loki destined to somehow join into Doctor Strange 2? One must think about this because of the natural angle of the show. Loki is all about branch realities, and the repercussions to it.

Miss Minutes spoke of a Multiversal war between many different timelines for supremacy. So if certain Nexus events like Loki stealing the Tesseract and disappearing go unchecked, such a war could be kicked off again. Moreover, Wanda in the comics is a Nexus being. Earlier, we also talked about the debut of Man-Thing, the one who guards the Nexus of All-Realities. The key is that the video’s narrator used the word ‘madness’ to describe this potential war across the Multiverse. So thanks to Miss Minutes’ presentation, a link between Loki and Doctor Strange 2 seems highly likely.

6. Which Version Of Loki Is Attacking The TVA?

In the first episode itself, it was shown that there have been two instances where the TVA workers have been fatally attacked by a murderous variant. And in the end, Mobius reveals that it is, in fact, Loki himself. There’s a theory that are multiple variants of Loki roaming around in the MCU for some time now. And honestly, it is an interesting theory! More Loki means more fun!

But there is evidence to support this claim. Throughout this comic history, Loki has had a notorious nature which he proves now and then by taking different forms. It keeps ranging from Kid Loki to Lady Loki, and Old Loki. So it would make sense if any of these will be revealed as the mysterious, hooded Loki. But that’s not it. In the MCU, he has shape-shifted into a snake to trick Thor, as narrated by the latter. Also, he has shape-shifted into Steve Rogers as revealed in the first episode. So as of now, the best we can do is theorize.

7. Why Is There No Mind Stone?

One of the most surprising moments from the first episode was the welcoming of Infinity Stones. Moreover, the real thing that shook us was how they were being used. Loki’s entire life’s purpose came boiling down to this moment – Stones in a junk drawer. But there is one massive detail that many viewers didn’t see was the absence of the Mind Stone. So we have to ask, where is it?

Questions we have from Loki episode 1

Well, throughout the years, the Mind Stone has been in various places in the MCU. Originally, it was hidden within the scepter Thanos gave to Loki to win him the Tesseract. It was later it was pried out of the weapon by Ultron and put into the forehead of Vision. But later on, the Mad Titan ultimately plucked it free from Vision’s forehead. So it seems that throughout all the timelines monitored by the TVA, no one ever took this particular stone when they shouldn’t have.

8. Was Another Variant Created In Avengers: Endgame?

Okay, so right now, we are only aware of the variant that was created by Loki when he escaped with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame. Loki’s act was not in the plan as made by the Time Keepers, right? That’s why the Avengers breaking the timeline did not mess with the Sacred Timeline. But there were a lot more moving parts in and after the time heist. For example, Thanos bringing his forces from 2014 through to 2023. But this would appear to also be part of the grand plan, as it led to the Avengers’ victory.

But there seems to be one loose thread. And that is of Gamora. She too came with her father’s army. There shouldn’t be beings left after Tony’s snap to be a Variant in this regard, but Gamora is a clear exception. A deleted scene from Endgame previously suggested that Gamora survived Tony’s snap, and teased Quill looking into where she could have gone. So would this open the door to Peter Quill’s search for his love forcing him to cross paths with the TVA in Guardians Vol. 3?

So these are the questions we have from Loki episode 1. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes will answer them.

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