MCU Theory: Is Ms. Marvel Inhuman Or Mutant?

The second episode of Disney+’s Ms Marvel is finally out and has already garnered so much better reviews than the last entry. This episode goes a little deeper into Kamala Khan’s story with a bunch of easter eggs, hints, and references. Marvel writers and set coordinators have always foreshadowed future twists in the initial episodes and we think this was one of those episodes. This episode revealed a big detail about Kamala Khan’s powers which could tie her up to her comic counterpart, which was an Inhuman. So is Ms Marvel inhuman or Mutant? let’s check it out

Disney+’s Ms. Marvel follows Kamala Khan, a girl of Pakistani-American descent, who is obsessed with superheroes. Her utter determination to attend the first AvengersCon proved this fact. Other than that, she is a high school student, so all in all, she is an average teenager who comes across a mysterious bangle. And as she dons it, she found newfound energy which Bruno proved in the second episode, that has always been there. So, now the Average Kamala Khan is a full-on superhero who can project things out of thin air. This is where the problems start developing.


We all know that MCU’s Kamala is a far cry from her comics counterpart in which she developed shapeshifting abilities. Instead of, of course, powers like the Green Lantern. Even the origin of their powers was so different that it doesn’t even make sense anymore. The comics revealed Kamala to be an Inhuman but is that the same case in the MCU, as well? Because we think she is a mutant! Because the turn of events in a small and quick dialogue can redefine Kamala Khan’s origin in the MCU.



In the comics, Kamala Khan was an average, awkward teenager in Jersey City who goes to a party, very similar to what we saw in the second episode. Now, this party changes Kamala Khan because that night, her life was about to change. As she was getting back home, she encountered the infamous Terrigen Mist, the invisible, odor-less mist that the Krees used to create the Inhumans. This is where she starts feeling weird as her superpowers develop. She realizes that she can shapeshift and uses it the first time to impersonate Carol Danvers. Hence the name, Ms Marvel.


Is Ms Marvel Inhuman or Mutant

Now there’s something special about the Terrigen Mist that it can only affect certain beings. Inhumans carry an X-gene that this Mist activates which gives them superpowers. Now, Inhumans have followed a strict rule of incest from the beginning but this never stopped them from having relations with humans, thus passing them the X-Gene. Now Kamala Khan got her X-Gene activated, so this means that she was a carrier of the X-Gene, which means that she was a descendant of someone who had relations with an Inhuman. But can we say this in the case of Kamala?


MCU’s Kamala Khan is from a strict Pakistani Muslim family, who got her powers activated from a family heirloom, her maternal great-grandmother’s bangle. Now Bruno stated that this bangle activated her long-recessive powers. And this is what can happen in the case of Mutants but not the Inhumans. Terrigen Mist is the characteristic feature of the Inhumans but Mutants’ powers can be activated with any catalyst. Because they are born with those powers. Inhumans, however, have to activate them with Terrigen Mist. And know that MCU’s Kamala hasn’t come across any Terrigen


MCU is expanding at the fastest speed ever. They have already introduced Eternals, Celestials, ancient demons and monsters, and other dimensional beings. Not only this, a lot of beings are on their way, namely Mutants, the Fantastic Four, and Novas. So, if they introduce Inhumans at this time, it would only get messy and would create some big plot holes that even Marvel Studios will not be able to fill. Now, if they want to incorporate Kamala Khan in a big superhero group, it should be Mutants, rather than the Inhumans, especially when we just a glimpse of theirs in Doctor Strange 2.


But what do you think? Is Ms Marvel inhuman or mutant? Do let us know in the comments.

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