(One of These) 7 Characters Could Be Introduced In GotG Holiday Special

Kevin Feige had announced a Disney+ special during Disney’s 2020 Investor Day, based on the GotG franchise. The project will be called Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and will be written by none other than James Gunn. Recently, Gunn took to Twitter and announced the introduction of an entirely new character in the GotG Holiday Special. According to him, in his odd and subjective opinion, this mystery character is the greatest MCU character of all time.


Since his announcement, netizens have taken over social media with their theories of who can be this unknown character. The theories include both superheroes and villains and are excited for any of them. But before its release, Marvel has a lot planned. And there are a lot of MCU characters who will be introduced in them. However, the new character might just be a ‘fun cameo’ or something which might never return in the mainstream. So, here is our list which has predictions made by fans including both recurring and cameo possible characters.



Following in his quest to include every background character to the forefront, Gunnm high try to bring Blackjack O’Hare into live-action. In the comics, Blackjack was based on a rabbit and was from the same world as Rocket Raccoon. Gunn introduced Rocket in the MCU as a science experiment and he could establish Blackjack around the same time as Rocket. Or he could come up with something more quirky for Blackjack. There is no doubt that he will be one of the funniest and craziest characters of the MCU and if he is the ‘greatest character Gunn is talking about, 2022 can not come any sooner.



GotG Holiday Special

In the MCU, Drax The Destroyer lost both his daughter and wife when Ronin attacked their home planet. It was this trauma that made him into the fierce warrior who is invisible to the naked eye. However, in the comics, Drax’s daughter survived and was taken to Titan. There, she unlocked her dormant powers of telepathy, telekinesis and shapeshifting into a dragon. Drax has always felt so lonely and depressed and discovering that his long-dead daughter is alive will be so wholesome. She can even be an aspiring member of MCU’s Young Avengers.



Even though this must be your obvious prediction, however, we beg to differ. He may be the first character to be introduced next but we don’t think Gunn is going to waste this crucial character for a Disney+ special instead of the threequel of GotG. The post-credits scene of the Gotg Vol. 2 featured Adam’s iconic gold cocoon. Ayesha, the Leader of the Sovereign, described him as the best of their race. If we go by what she said, Adam will be seen facing the GotG in a head-to-head battle.

However, Gunn did announce that the scene with the cocoon is not necessarily a set-up for the sequel. Maybe it was just a nod to the Superhero’s entry in the Multiverse. After all, Adam Warlock has played a crucial role in many story arcs. Moreover, he has more fans than anybody on this list.



If Gunn does one thing best, he can extract humor from the ordinary-est of characters. Pip the Troll is known for being the sidekick of Adam Warlock. He is a chain-smoker, ne’er do well troll who is one of the weirdest characters in the comics. And a special project might be the time for such a creature. With Adam Warlock coming to MCU in the future, an introduction to Pip might be the best thing to keep fans excited. And after so many weird characters, like Taserface and Ego the Living Planet, executed with perfection, hopes are certainly not low for Pip.



The name, ‘Holiday Special’, does ring a bell. Contrary to popular belief, Santa Claus is a Marvel character whose origin is still unknown. According to the comics, he is supposed to be a powerful mutant, almost at the level of Professor X and Magneto. Since the 90s, he has helped the Avengers save the universe several times, in Christmas themes of course. Some of his acquaintances include Deadpool, Howard The Duck, and She-Hulk. Just like Howard, maybe Santa Claus might cameo occasionally in the future. If this mystery character is really Santa Claus, it would be one of the funniest works of Gunn.


GotG Holiday Special

After establishing and finishing the unspoken thing between Star-Lord and Gamora, it is finally time to introduce someone for Rocket. Lylla is the love interest of the Raccoon we have come to love. According to the source material, Lylla is a sapient otter and the heiress to the largest toymaking empire Mayhem Mekaniks on the planet Halfworld. Seeing her in live-action has always been the dream of every fan of Rocket there is. And what better time than the Holiday Season.



Facts About Nova Force
Facts About Nova Force

One of the highly anticipated superheroes to appear in the MCU is Nova, the Human Rocket. He is highly associated with the charters from the GotG and his fans have been waiting for the announcement of his introduction to the MCU. He is a complex character and deserves an MCU movie of his own or even a Disney+ series. And this GotG Holiday Special episode might be the perfect project that could set him up for the future. Who knows, maybe he ends up joining the New Avengers.

Which of these characters do you think will be introduced in the Special? Let us know.

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