The Problem from the First Film Marvel Needs To Fix in Black Panther 2

Black Panther was nothing we have ever seen before. It was just sheer perfection. The movie was a complete package as it had everything! It had emotion, it had heart, it had humor, it had drama, it had mind-blowing action, and all over, it had a great plot. The decisions Ryan Coogler took with for the story was why it went on to become such a big deal at the Oscars as well. But there was one tiny flaw in the film. That tiny flaw was very visible in the third act of the movie, and people would agree with the fact that Black Panther 2 has to fix that flaw if it wants to beat its predecessor.

Black Panther 2 Michael B. Jordan

It will be really tough for Ryan Coogler to take the next Black Panther movie to a different level because the first one was so amazing in itself. Killmonger was the one who elevated the story and that is why the sequel needs a major villain who would have a better motivation than Killmonger. But along with a justified villain, the movie will need to fix the CGI problem that the first movie had.

Problem from the First Film Marvel Needs To Fix in Black Panther 2

The action through the first and the second half of the act was topnotch. The fight choreography in the third act was good too, but what wasn’t up to the mark was the CGI. It felt more like a video game than a film. Either the film ran out of budget, or the time to properly finish the visual effects. The CGI lied between Good & best. And that was the reason why the movie gets a 9/10.

Problem from the First Film Marvel Needs To Fix in Black Panther 2

Because Black Panther got a $200 Million production budget. This is high for an average Superhero film. So, with a high budget like this, the movie shouldn’t have had its minimal CGI problem. May be time was the problem. Anyway, the movie still went on to become the highest-grossing solo superhero film. It made $700 Million at the domestic Box Office, and a total of $1.345 Billion worldwide.

Problem from the First Film Marvel Needs To Fix in Black Panther 2

Because the movie made so much money, even more people would be inclined to watch the sequel in 2022. Marvel has given Ryan Coogler the right amount of time to return with a sequel. 4 years would be enough for him to deliver another worthy sequel. And because the first film proved to be so profitable, Disney should be willing to a lot Black Panther a budget much higher than the previous film. An extra 20-$50 Million spent upon its budget would surely allow Black Panther 2 to have better CGI and better action sequences. And along with the budget, Black Panther 2 also has more than enough time. So, we are definitely expecting Black Panther 2 to be better than its predecessor on all accounts.

Doctor Doom The Perfect Villain in Black Panther 2

Angela Basset plays Queen Ramonda in the film recently told us that Black Panther was going to get a new suit in the upcoming movie. The previous Black Panther suit was already so powerful, so it’d be interesting to see how Coogler & co could improve the suit. Anyway, the suit improvement would certainly help against the powerful villains that are rumored for the next story (either Doctor Doom or Namor or both). Let’s just hope that things will turn out to be perfect in the next one.

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