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All Team-Ups Confirmed For The Suicide Squad (Vol. 1)

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is the next big project after Zack Snyder’s Justice League. With this, DC becomes more and more promising. The first version of Task Force X debuted in 1959 and was created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru. Gunn’s new brainchild is not a typical reboot but it is a proper redo. The group was first brought to the screen by David Ayer in the form of 2016’s Suicide Squad. But now, it’s Gunn’s turn. He has impressed us quite a lot with the two trailers. And these two trailers have also confirmed quite a few amazing team-ups amongst all the villains. Here are all the Team-Ups Confirmed for The Suicide Squad:

1. Harley Quinn, Polka-Dot Man, Ratcatcher 2, And Bloodsport

Very initially in the trailer, exactly at the 0:11 mark in the same footage, Harley, Polka-Dot Man, and Bloodsport can be seen running. It’s difficult to imagine if the previous scene is connected to this scene or not. In the first scene, they are out on the street, plus Bloodsport is also no longer wearing his helmet anymore. But now, the group now includes Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior).

But the most important detail of this is that Harley Quinn is carrying the javelin. This is the same javelin that is a traditional weapon of the same-titled villain and new Task Force X member. And now his absence prompts us to ask the same question – Is Javelin dead? Did Harley kill him? Or is Harley carrying down his legacy by carrying his traditional weapon?

2. Mongal And Harley Quinn

Further in the trailer at the 0:17 mark, Harley Quinn is back but with another member. The first detail is that she is now donning the costume that is seen in the recently released images. Moreover, this time, she is storming a beach with Mogul. If we connect the dots, this is possibly not long after the team assembles for their first direct strike. Harley can be seen armed with a rocket launcher. And considering her reckless behavior, she doesn’t hesitate to fire it. Mongal, meanwhile, has her twin arm-mounted blades.

3. Polka-Dot Man, Harley Quinn, And Bloodsport

team-ups confirmed for The Suicide Squad

Even though this scene is not in the trailer, it was snapped from a behind-the-scene sequence. This clearly means that this scene will be included in the film as well. The scene includes Polka-Dot Man, Harley Quinn, and Bloodsport running together in what seems a wrecked building. One particular detail that stands out is Harley Quinn’s attire. Now that she is donning a dress instead of a suit, the scene possibly could be from a later part in the film. The moment can be seen in the footage released at the DC FanDome event, at the 0:09 mark.

4. Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, And Ratcatcher 2

This is another shot in what seems like the aftermath of some catastrophic event. At the 0:45 mark, Harley is seen back in the red dress and still armed with the javelin, with Bloodsport and Ratcatcher. I like a certain detail about this shot. As Bloodsport can be seen without a helmet once again, it’s Ratcatcher who is rocking a version of the character’s comic book gas mask. Moreover, this moment, in particular, revealed that Starro will be The Suicide Squad‘s main villain.

5. Peacemaker And Rick Flag

Another major team-up revealed in the footage was at the 0:57 mark. Peacemaker and Flag can be seen together in a reflection in Peacemaker’s helmet. To make this team-up clear, the footage further gives us a clearer glimpse of these two at the 1:11 mark. One can expect them to clash because Flag is the leader of the squad, and Peacemaker is a little high-headed. Plus, what’s an anti-hero team without some drama? Another side of the coin is that Flag could be brainwashed by Starro and turned into one of his drones. We’ll get the answers very soon!

6. Polka-Dot Man And King Shark

In this scene, Dastmalchian and Agee are seen together as Polka-Dot Man and King Shark, at the 0:46 mark. Dastmalchian can be seen smiling about something. Considering James Gunn’s love for surprise humor, it could be that these two are simply bonding in an odd fashion in this scene. With no other character around them, it could be an initial moment of the movie where the squad is in the process of assembling.

7. Weasel, Blackguard, Mongal, Javelin, Captain Boomerang, TDK, Savant, Rick Flag, & Harley Quinn

The idea to begin with it all is to have two different Task Force X. That is why some characters are actively absent. This team consists of Weasel (Sean Gunn), Blackguard (Pete Davidson), Mongal, Javelin (Flula Borg), Boomerang, TDK (Nathan Fillion), Savant (Michael Rooker), and Flag. This shot can be seen at the 0:45 mark, while a variation of this can be seen again at 1:45. As they walk in front of the U.S. flag, it is later revealed at 1:48 that they are walking towards a helicopter. The previous version revealed the interior of the helicopter, and Harley Quinn was also present in it.

8. Harley Quinn And Polka-Dot Man

team-ups confirmed for The Suicide Squad

In a dramatic office building scene, Harley Quinn and the Polka-Dot man are seen facing an explosion at the 1:35 mark. In this scene, Harley Quinn can be seen grabbing the Polka-Dot man and pulling him backward, almost as if she is saving him. This is one of those moments where Harley goes full hero mode and shines like no one else. This could also suggest that the crew somehow grows close to each other.

9. Peacemaker And Bloodsport

Peacemaker (John Cena) and Bloodsport (Idris Elba) are a major part of the squad. Needless to say, both the actors are capable of harnessing a huge audience for the film. Speaking on that, both of them share a scene in the footage which comes at the 1:07 mark. Both the characters can be seen navigating through a jungle. The environment suggests some destruction. Both of them are fully dressed in their costume, meaning that the scene is presumably shortly after they have arrived on the mission.

10. Polka-Dot Man And Bloodsport

Earlier, we talked about the way Polka-Dot Man’s powers work. In the footage at 1:34, Polka-Dot Man can be seen using his powers to unravel his signature gadget. The devices that are used are kept under the wraps for all the right reasons. But someone else can be spotted behind him, and that is Bloodsport. At first, he can be easily confused for Blackguard, but the costume details aim it at Bloodsport. Moreover, the level of his arm holding the weapon suggests that he is aiming at the same target as the Polka-Dot man.

11. Savant And Rick Flag

This particular scene comes in at the 1:43 mark, and it’s almost impossible to gauge the timing of this scene in the movie. Anyway, Savant and Rick Flag are seen coming out the back of a vehicle with no one else. It’s possible that these two are on the course of a separate mission. It could be that Savant’s technological hacking skills are being used for a different purpose and Rick Flag is there to look out for him. Meanwhile, we can theorize that the rest of the team is somewhere else focusing more on straight-up violence.

12. Bloodsport, Polka-Dot Man, Peacemaker, The Thinker, And Harley

Finally, at the 1:44 mark, we get to the rare appearance of The Thinker played by Peter Capaldi. But he isn’t alone. He is accompanied by Bloodsport, Polka-Dot Man, Harley Quinn, and Peacemaker. Once again, Harley’s dress claims that the scene is from the latter part of the film. This also points to the fact that The Thinker will join late in the film, probably when the mission is approaching its climax. Their stance suggests that it looks like a final stand-off between them and the threat as they approach a building.

So these are the team-ups confirmed for The Suicide Squad. Since there are so many of them, I’ve divided this post into two. You could check out Part 2 right here.

The Suicide Squad will release on August 6, 2021.

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