Every Reason Why Goku Should Never Master Ultra Instinct

Goku Should Never Master Ultra Instinct:

Ultra Instinct is the newest level up Goku ash obtained in the pages of Dragon Ball Super. It is an ability that was once exclusive only to the Gods. Goku is the first-ever mortal to unlock Ultra Instinct. It gives Goku an ungodly power boost, unlike anything we have ever seen in Dragon Ball’s history. While fighting Jiren, Ultra Instinct was revealed to be a game-changer. In the manga, Goku is currently fighting Moro, the ancient magician that has the power to rival even that of Goku, who has already mastered Ultra Instinct Sign. To defeat Moro, Goku is surely going to unlock a new level of Ultra Instinct and master the ability. But there are umpteen numbers of reasons why Goku should not aim for mastering the technique at all.

When will it be Vegeta’s time to shine?

We now know that Vegeta has given up his desire to learn Ultra Instinct. He has decided to gain power and do things in his own terms. That is the reason he could unlock the final Super Saiyan Blue form – Super Saiyan Blue Evolved. Right now, our favorite Saiyan Prince is on Yardrat, learning Spirit Control. But we all kind of know-how Dragon Ball has screwed Vegeta over and over again. No matter how strong this guy gets, the writers always make Goku have his Deus Ex Machina moment, gain some crazy ability or power, and Vegeta is again left coughing up dust. Goku mastering the technique of Ultra Instinct would spell death for Vegeta’s character development. We need Vegeta to have his moment in Dragon Ball. We have all been waiting for it since time immemorial.

The Super Saiyan form is being sidelined

Goku Should Never Master Ultra Instinct

When you think of Dragon Ball, the first image that comes to your mind is the legendary Super Saiyan moment of Goku during the Frieza arc. That was the first time Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan. Overall it is the most defining moment in Dragon Ball’s history. Ever since then, Goku and Vegeta have unlocked newer and more powerful levels of the Super Saiyan form. Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan aka Super Saiyan Blue – there are so many transformations of the Super Saiyan form.

Ultra Instinct has rendered all of these transformations useless. There is no need for Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan. The more he masters Ultra Instinct, the lesser he relies on Super Saiyan power. And that is a huge stab in the back for millions of fans who literally grew up watching Goku transform into his signature Super Saiyan form every day.

Goku is a mortal and he should be treated as such

Like everybody knows, Ultra Instinct is a technique of the Gods. In fact, it is one of the most powerful ones within their arsenal. If a mortal like Goku learns it, it would shake up the very hierarchical foundation of the Dragon Ball Universe. Goku would be on his way to be very near to the power of the Angels. With Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken and Complete Ultra Instinct, even Beerus would have a hard time dealing with Goku. He would easily surpass the most powerful God of Destruction in the entire Multi-Verse. But since Dragon Ball is all about training your-selves to be stronger, what is to stop Goku from training even further. His power upgrades after he masters Ultra Instinct will not just be impossibly absurd but monotonous and linear. No anime would ever be able to survive that.

Quality of Future Dragon Ball Villains will decrease

Goku Should Never Master Ultra Instinct

What makes Dragon Ball so engaging is the fact that it has a pretty even fighting ground. Both the hero and the bad guy have more or less the same footing and equal advantage. When Goku showed that he has accessed Ultra Instinct, that assumption no longer applied. Goku needs villains to fight. And he likes it when the villains pose a credible threat. Ultra Instinct is the ability of the Gods. There is seldom a villain that can fight on par with Goku if he masters Ultra Instinct. Moro is already struggling to end the fight while Goku has only barely mastered Ultra Instinct Sign, the initial technique of the Gods. There will not be many villains that could challenge Goku’s hegemony if he had abilities like Ultra Instinct in his possession. He could wipe away the entire universe in a heart-beat.

Need for shift of focus to other Z Fighters

What about the other Z Fighters? Piccolo is one of the most fan-favorite characters of Dragon Ball. Even now, he still has a massive fan following. Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super did some massive injustice to the green-skinned warrior. His merger with Nail was supposed to turn the tables. He could not even put a dent on Frieza’s armor. Ever since that, Piccolo has been sidetracked, treated as a secondary character that really has no significance to the plot. Let’s talk about Gohan too.

The guy was supposedly going to succeed Goku as the new lead hero of Dragon Ball. What stopped Toriyama from doing that? The more the anime and manga focus on Ultra Instinct, the harder it gets to shift the limelight to the Z Fighters. Right now, the anime and manga have deemed them pretty much useless. They have been shown as weak and Goku has to always come about to save their butts. That needs to change.

Need to explore other techniques

There are so many techniques that Dragon Ball possesses. Think about Gohan’s Ultimate Form. The guy did not even go Super Saiyan but when his Ultimate Power was unlocked, Gohan’s hidden potential came to light. He easily gained a power that topped Super Saiyan 3. Vegeta also is training on the planet of Yardrat. He is trying to learn the secrets of Spirit Control, an ancient technique developed by the elders of Yardrat that can allow the user to have complete control over his or her Ki aka life force and thus use techniques like cloning, shape-shifting, and size alteration, as well as gain healing powers.

Up until now, the focus has always been on high to come up with crazy power-ups to push Goku and Vegeta to newer Godly heights. The trend needs to end. Dragon Ball has always been an anime not about Goku and Vegeta but about highlighting martial arts. It needs to go back to its roots. Goku mastering Ultra Instinct will make it impossible for Toriyama to do so.

Complete Ultra Instinct will probably not change the status quo

Goku Should Never Master Ultra Instinct

Goku’s level ups have been more or less predictable. He learned Kaio-Ken. Then he went Super Saiyan. After that, it was pretty much mastering multiple successive stages of the Super Saiyan form. It has been all about Super Saiyan forms. There is a theory that states that like Goku stabilized the Super Saiyan God transformation by combining it with the Super Saiyan base form, Ultra instinct, which is for now volatile and uncontrollable, will be tamed by merging it with the Super Saiyan form. All his life Goku has been changing the color of his hair to defeat his foes. And Ultra Instinct will probably not be any different. We are guessing white hair this time?

The last Dragon Ball arc to have been featured in the Manga is the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. Released in the year 2018, the Manga is still on-going and again sees the Dragon Ball Universe in grave danger from an ancient enemy that has broken free of its prison. The official synopsis for the arc reads:

Galactic Patrol Kidnapping. Following the ordeal surrounding Broly, Goku trains with Vegeta in the Gravity Training Room. … Vegeta asks why he needs Buu and Merus explains that a dangerous criminal has broken free of the Galactic Prison and in order to recapture him they need the assistance of the Grand Supreme Kai.

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