5 Deadliest Villains from Dragonball Z

A hero is only as strong as his adversary. Under here are mentioned some of the big baddies from Dragonball Z (till Buu saga). Not ranked in their power level order, but in the order of how truly evil they were.

Super Buu

When Evil Buu turned Majin Buu into chocolate and ate him, he turned into Super Buu. Super Buu was extremely impatient and short tempered. With being extremely strong, his greatest strength is to absorb his opponents after which he takes on their attributes and powers. He absorbed Mystic Gohan, Gotenks, and Piccolo. Also, he killed everyone at Kame’s lookout including ChiChi, Videl, and Bulma.


Before Vegeta became one of the Z Warriors, the prince of all Saiyans was not always good. He came to Earth to collect the Dragonballs, in order to gain immortality so that he could exact his revenge on Frieza, who destroyed his planet and race. He is shown to be cold, vengeful and inhuman. He even obliterates his partner, Nappa when he fails to kill Goku and becomes useless to him.


Born with a power level of 10,000 this long lost Super Saiyan has a thirst for destruction, who was mind controlled by his father for his entire life. Which too broke because of his rage and hate for Goku. Broly then crushed his father in a space pod and threw him at an incoming asteroid. Him being a psychopath can be clearly known from the reason why he hates Goku. Because ‘Goku as an infant used to cry a lot.’ Yep, that’s it.


Created by Dr. Gero, this creature is made up of cells of the most powerful fighters in the galaxy. One of his most unique attributes is his tail which he uses to suck the life force out of people. He claimed to be the perfect warrior and wanted to prove so by staging a world martial arts tournament with the fate of the planet at stake.



Undoubtedly the most evil and intimidating villain to be ever created in the history of Dragonball Z has to be Frieza. The once galactic ruler used to trade in planets. He is the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta with all the Saiyans in it, except a handful. Not only that he killed uncountable Namekians, but the worst of all, to show his strength he killed Goku’s best friend right in front of him, laughing.

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