Dragonball: You’ll Be Shocked After Knowing This About Piccolo

Piccolo is one of the most respected characters of the Dragonball series. One might not know that the Namekian was first a villain in the series. Here are some facts about Goku’s former nemesis and Gohan’s teacher

Demon King Piccolo

Piccolo was originally just supposed to be a demon and not part of a slug race, the Namekeians. It is quite amazing for Goku to go up against a literal demon, who he beats, and everyone assumes his end there. But later, when Piccolo arrives to fight Nappa and Vegeta, the prince of all Saiyans informs him about his race.

Piccolo’s Age

This might come as a surprise to everyone, but he is a child. When King Piccolo spits him out, he’s just an egg. And when later he comes to face Goku, he seems an adult, this tells that it’s just that he ages really fast. Even though he’s the same age as him, Gohan is his pupil and respects him a lot.

He Was Once The Strongest


Since Dragon Ball, Kami and Piccolo were the same people divided in two by their moral beliefs, but this also divided their power due to staying separate. So, in order to have at least a chance against the tormenting androids, he agreed to merge with Kami which gave him a huge increase in power, way beyond what the rest of the other Z Fighters had achieved at the time. After the fusion, Piccolo came to be known as a Super Namekian.

He Killed Shenron

After King Piccolo’s wish to regain his youth was granted, he decided to make sure that no other person could summon Shenron again, in order to undo his plans. The villain, as weak he might be by today’s standards, obliterated Shenron and left the Dragon Balls useless.

He Died For Gohan

In Dragonball Z he comes in front when Nappa tries to kill Gohan and sacrifices himself. In Dragon Ball Super, an almost same moment happens where Piccolo gives up his life in order to block a beam that Frieza fires at Gohan. Also, in GT, he dies so that the Black Star Dragon Balls can’t ever cause the world to blow up again. Obviously, Piccolo was thinking about the whole world during GT, but Piccolo spends his last moments talking to Gohan, so it is quite clear who was most important for the Namekian to save.

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