5 Sexiest Undercover Agents From Movies

Being an undercover agent is a tough job with several uncertainties. With a quest to solve and investigate the nucleus of criminal cases with bullets flying and dogs sniffing the sites, undercover agents don’t have to worry about their looks, especially females. No matter how hazy the weather is and dusty they become on duty, they always look hot. So let’s check out five hottest undercover agents in movies.

1. Tia Carrere

The James Cameron directorial, ‘True Lies’ is an action comedy film which features Tia Carrere as an undercover agent. She never looked so badass than any other movie but this one. One of the best scenes is when she fight with her enemy in a limo and shows some great moves.

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2. Halle Barry


The former model and actress are popularly known for her work in ‘Die Another Day’. What could be so satisfying than seeing a hot woman coming out of water in a sexy outfit in the shiny sun? It’s hard to get our eyes off from her in the movie.

3. Denise Richards

‘Undercover Brother’ may not be a great movie, but Denise Richards perfectly embraces her role as an undercover agent. The shower scene will glue you to the screens without thing breath, where she with another black woman gets a little sassy in a shower.

4. Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Graham, and Beyonce Knowles 

‘Girls of Austin Powers’ takes the snap of the characters of Elizabeth Hurley, Heather Graham, and Beyonce perfectly. Being the undercover agents, they are looking super sexy and hot in their outfits. So now you have a strong excuse to skip your classes.

5. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway appeared as Agent 99 in 2008 action-adventure film ‘Get Smart’. She looks stunning in one of the scenes when her undercover partner Max checks out her butt while going to laser protection crawling on the floor. Who would not by the way?

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