10 Superheroes Who Would Be More Bad-ass If They Change Their Genders

Call it a need to cater to the female audience of comics or be it because of the era of feminism, whatever may be the reason for these Genderswaps, some of them are really cool, while some, not so great. DC and Marvel’s Universes have done various experiments with their characters, and Genderswapping them was just one of them. here we give you a list of 10 Female superheroes that are the result of Genderswapping our favorite male superheroes:


Though Jane foster was fighting cancer, as she was a step smaller to death after all. What’s overwhelming is that she fought numerous enemies like absorbing man, Silver Samurai, the Accursed and the list doesn’t end. She took over Thor’s mantle and bonds with the hammer Mjolnir when Thor was no more “worthy enough”. One could never stop admiring the goddess of thunder for her above ordinary abilities!


Laura Kinney is Wolverine’s daughter. She was cloned as a female because in the process there was a complication of not having a Y Chromosome. Doctor Sarah Kinney was her surrogate mother and after she was born, we all know now how it all went with X-23.


Jennifer Walters appeared the first time in the comics in her own series Savage She Hulk#1 in the year1980. Lee’s creation sure is a great superhero facing all the same issues as her male counterpart. Undoubtedly she too is almost unbeatable and unbreakable.

Ancient One

Undoubtedly no one has any doubts about the acting calibre of Tilda Swinton but still taking such a major decisions as casting her as the ancient one in the famous Doctor Strange film was a bit of a stretch even though many people gave their positive response to this as they like how female characters were being given more prominent roles, many still differed with this opinion as they wanted such a pivotal role to be true to the comics.


Kate Kane made her debut in “52” in 2006. So far there is no one close to her investigative capacities, this strength often offers her instances where she has performed better than Batman himself. Her utility belt provides her with the courage to become the protector of the Gotham city, though a self-destructive one. Her love for Gotham developed while her family was moving from town to town as her father served the army.


Hawkgirl is the female version of Hawkman. This has to be a good betrayal. Here in Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s home planet Thanagar had set their eyes on Earth, a planet that they wanted to make their own. During the invasion, Hawkgirl and Hawkman have a change of heart and fight alongside the Justice League.

Arisia Rrab

Even though the comics tried their best to nullify this arc but they never could repair the damage done by Hal Jordan’s doing. Jordan during his time in the Corps did a lot of things, these got him a lot of fans. One such fan was an alien schoolgirl, who became his girlfriend too. To deal with the discomfort to the readers’ eyes, it was said that she could shapeshift into an older woman, but naah, that didn’t help.

American Dream

Well, this is someone who the entire world has been dreaming about actually. Shanon Carter, the niece of Peggy Carter takes up the title of the American Dream, who is actually the female version of Caption America. Hailing from an alternate reality and a great member of the Avengers she sure has proved her mantle to be someone who can be called a Female Captain America.

Captain Marvel


This might come as a surprise to most of the people but Carol Danvers is not actually the first Captain Marvel. Not saying that there was anyone else with this name, but it was actually Mar-Vell who was a hero by this name. A Kree by birth who had actually come to take over Earth later protected it from the aliens. Not just that, he even died due to a real human disease, Cancer.


superwoman dc superheroes

Superwoman here is actually Dana Dearden who was a big Superman fangirl. She even dated Jimmy to get close to Sups but there is one more Superwoman too, that is Wonder Woman from the Earth where Superman is named Ultraman and is actually a villain. The teams of heroes (Justice League) are villains on that Earth and Lex Luthor has to call in our earth’s Justice League to stop them from reeking havoc.

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