Will The Venom Movie Have Connections With Spiderman Homecoming?

Sony recently announced that they would be making a standalone movie on longtime Spider-Man villain Venom. The studio specified that Spider-Man would not be involved in the movie. This new announcement has made a few heads turn since Venom has been a part of the Spider-Man history and was so intertwined with the hero. Many were more than curious to find out how the studio would perform this act.

The exclusion of Spider-Man for the film is not surprising since the joint venture with Marvel Cinematic Universe was more of a desperate deal than preferential. If Venom was only under the control of Sony, then future venture in a new franchise would guarantee a profit for themselves. But putting that aside, the studio would have to apply some trickery when they introduce the alien symbiote, granted the film follows its origin story from the comics.


Even though the studio might deny it now, Peter Parker’s name at least in passing would have to be mentioned, if the studio chooses to go down Marvel’s path in their television programs. Agents of SHIELD, for instance, live in the same world as The Avengers.

The studio did not elaborate on how it will execute the film, or if they were going to make a film that was based on the alien symbiote, creating a new world without Spider-Man in it. Catwoman starring Halle Berry had gone down that path, and that did not turn out well for any of the parties involved.

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The alien symbiote had first been introduced in the comics through its interaction with Spider-Man. It was only after it found a new host in Peter Parker’s nemesis in the Daily Bugle Eddie Brock that it took over to become the villain known as Venom. Brock already had a chip on his shoulder when it came to Parker, and the symbiote only intensified the hatred that had loomed in his consciousness. The introduction of Venom was such a success in the comic world that Marvel made the character a regular in the comics.

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