10 Strongest Armor Suits In Anime That Will Pound The Iron Man Suit Into Dust

The Iron Man Armour Suit is iconic in Hollywood. It is a technological Marvel. The anime industry has also introduced several armor designs of their own and truth be told, some of them are way more powerful than any Iron Man suit of armor Tony Stark has ever built. Presenting – 10 Strongest Armor Suits in Anime that will pound the Iron Man Suit into dust!!!

Nakagami Armour – Fairy Tail

The Nakagami Armour is armor made out of pure magic. It has only one purpose, negate the effects of the arcane arts. The Nakagami Armour consumes vast amounts of magical reserves and so no regular wizard can wear it. The armor allows its wearer to gain increased durability and immunity to all forms of magic. The sword that comes along with the armor can cut through anything. Erza once used the sword of the Nakagami armor to cut through space itself. We know that Fairy Tail does a lot of fan service but we have to give some brownie points for the show’s creators to come up with such an elegant and cool design.

Guyver Bio-Booster Armour – Guyver

The Guyver suits were created by an alien species. It is a sentient suit of armor designed to help its user adapt to any environment. The Guyver Suit bonded with Sho Fukamuchi. Unit I bonded with Sho and gave him incredible superhuman abilities. The suit does not just give him incredible physical attributes but also the power of energy manipulation. Sho can fire energy beams from his hands and chest. The armor is always on the beck and call of Sho Fukamuchi. He can call it at any time and from any place on Earth and the armor suit will come to his aid. In the right hands, the Guyver Bio-Booster armor is a weapon of sheer lethality. It is mainly used to fight the Zoanoids, mutated human beings with special abilities.

Strike Freedom Gundam – Gundam Seed Destiny

The Gundam series of anime has a lot of mobile suits. While there are too many to count, the XGMF X20A Strike Freedom Gundam Suit clearly takes the cake here. The armor suit has a level of firepower that Iron Man could only dream of. The suit is massive but is extremely mobile and agile. It has an arsenal that could take down a small planet. There might be some that may say that there are other Gundam suits more powerful than this version, the Strike Freedom Gundam is probably the most versatile and used of the lot. The suit has multi-phase laser cannon in its abdomen, Close-In Weapons System modules on its shoulders, electromagnetic rail guns as well as beam swords and energy rifles for offensive purposes. Its primary defense is its agility making it extremely difficult to hit.

Athena Cloth – Saint Seiya

The wielder of the Athena Cloth literally becomes a God. The armor can take godlike levels of inhuman punishment and still will not register a dent. Hades, the God of the Underworld, could not even put a scratch on the Athena Cloth. Blessed by the Gods themselves, the Athena Cloth can withstand literally anything except an attack from the Master and Creator of the Universe – Abzu. No Iron Man armor can boast of that level of durability.

Grand Chariot – Akame Ga Kill

While similar to Incursio in terms of functionality, Grand Chariot is an Armour Type Teigu that was designed to be the updated version of it. It’s key is a black sword with a handguard and a chain link. Incursio was just a prototype while Grand Chariot was the final design. Incursio was wielded by the show’s protagonist. Grand Chariot is worn by Wave. The armor grants similar levels of strength and speed as Incursio but they are slightly better than the latter. Its abilities include the Grand Fall, where Wave uses the armor’s flight function to jump high above the air and use gravity to launch himself at the opponent using devastating kinetic energy.

Grand Fall Flugel is an even stronger version of Grand Fall. To do that, Wave launches him-self to even greater heights and then uses the massive kinetic energy he collects as he falls down from high above the air to strike at his opponent. The energy Grand Chariot releases on impact is enough to be counted as a weapon of mass destruction. So Wave uses it very sparingly since it causes a lot of collateral damage because of the shockwaves generated.

Proud Fist Armour – Scryed

The Proud Fist armor is the final from of Kazuma Torisuna. It drastically enhances the energy absorption abilities that Kazuma already has access to when in his first but rather incomplete form. The two abilities Kazuma gains in addition to his already impressive skill-set are – Dimensional BFR and Giant Explosion Fist. The former gives Kazuma the power to fully access the Alter Dimension. From there he can throw infinite amounts of devastating punches ta his opponents. The Giant Explosion Fist is a display of the raw brute power the suit grants. The punches Kazuma can throw in this form create craters big enough to be visible from outer space.

Sacred Seven Armour – Sacred Seven

Alma Tandoji is the lead protagonist of the Sacred Seven anime series. When Ruri inserts a mystical light stone into him, Alma gains the abilities of the Sacred Seven armor which comes equipped with seven different abilities. The armor enhances his strength, agility, speed, reflexes, durability, and stamina. It also gives him other powers like the Gun Gauntlet, Precision Blade, Flight Board, Enhanced Speed, Intangibility, and high-speed flight. Alma can access the armors powers at any point of time. He just needs to use the right method to unlock it. The Sacred Seven Armour really is one of the most underrated but extremely potent armored powered suits in anime history.

Sage Jutsu Susanoo – Naruto Shippuden

In the world of Naruto, the basic energy source required to conduct Justus is Chakra. Every human body has a limited amount of Chakra and once they are depleted, it takes time for it to be replenished again. Sage Power is the ability to turn natural energy that flows all around us into Chakra. So it gives an infinite amount of Chakra reserves to the user since natural energy never runs out. Sasuke Uchiha can use the Curse Mark on his neck bestowed on him by Orochimaru to access Sage Jutsu and manipulate natural energy. He uses his Susanoo – an unbreakable suit of armor made out of pure Chakra and then combines it with his Curse Mark Sage Chakra to make it infinitely stronger than what it was previously.

Oscar II – Active Raid

Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hachi Gakari is an anime that is not for everyone. It is directed specifically towards lovers of Military genre. In Active Raid, a special task force called Unite 8 is assigned specially made powered exoskeletons. The members of the task force are called Will Wearers. While each member is given a rather advanced exo-skeleton to play with, the Type Oscar suit has a special place since it is extensively optimized for long-range combat. The suit can grant its wearer enhanced physical strength and speed. Equipped with explosive firepower and a very powerful sensor array, it can also aid in surveillance and reconnaissance. It is probably the only Will Wearer within the ranks of Unit 8 that can fly at speeds above the speed of sound.

Escaflowne – The Vision of Escaflowne

The Vision of Escaflowne introduced us to a massive robotic beast called Escaflowne. It is more or less a weapon designed to decimate nations and huge armies. It has a huge sword that can slash through literally anything known to man. It can also fire devastating energy beams. Escaflowne is also unique in the sense that it does not act like a regular suit of armor. Escaflowne is a little different. While traditional armor takes up all the blows directed at the wilder so that the wielder does not get hurt, Van (the owner of Escaflowne) fells all the pain that Escaflowne feels when the armor gets seriously damaged.

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