7 Reasons Why We All Love Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester is one of the coolest guys on TV. He has been to Hell and Purgatory but still his humor is intact. Mostly girls love Dean because of Ackles’ looks but there is more to him than his perfect looks. Here is why we all love the awesome Winchester:

The protective one:


Right from the moment when Dean and Sam lost their mother, Dean had to take up the responsibility of the elder one and always take care of Sammy. He always made sure Sam gets to lead a normal life as long as possible and he went on hunts with his dad letting Sam do the back end work. Who wouldn’t want a caring brother like that?

Such a crack pot:

dean 2

When we were a supernatural fresher, we just assumed that since Dean was the elder brother who is always on the road and that he must be a serious poker faced guy! Oh boy! How wrong we were..In ‘Yellow Fever’ where he screams like a girl on seeing a cat and is almost scared to death when the snake crawls over him. In ‘Mystery spot’ of all the ways in which Dean his killed,the highlight is when he pees his pants when hit by a car!! Electrocuted while shavin- his luck cant be worse than that. Moreover he has the nerve to act annoyed when Sam messes up and loses his shoe in ‘Rabbit’s Foot’.


dean 3

“Man, this place has the best burgers”, “Bring me some pie” “Don’t forget the extra onions” “Did you forget my pie?”- its like he has some weird obsession with food, especially pie. And yet he manages to stay in shape. Everyone knows of his love for food. Even Crowley was astonished when Demon Dean wasted an entire, scrumptious, mouth watering cheese burger. That is so not-Dean.

The one whose opinion matters to everyone:

dean 4

Dean is sort of a magnet and the centre in supernatural. Without him, the show is boring. When Castile was working with Crowley without the brothers knowing, Cass felt more guilty because he let ‘Dean’ down, of all the people. Even Crowley had a great time with his best buddy Demon Dean and even reminisced about the good old days where they had fun(after Dean became human). Be it angels, be it the king of hell, Dean matters to all.

Daring Dean:

dean 5

No! Dean cannot stand a peaceful life. Once he is out of danger he goes in search of it. He makes sure that Sam, Cass, Charlie, Kevin and Jody are safe and then he jumps into the pit. Even in the recent episode, he takes the curse upon himself just to save a random stranger. What a chivalrous man! If only he knew me personally! Sigh!

Baby is his life:

dean 6

One cannot love an inanimate object more than Dean loves his Impala. You dare say a word against his baby, he gets all defensive. No matter how many times the car gets battered beyond recognition, Dean brings it back to its original glory.

Sam: Your car is so shabby

Demon Dean: Its just a car.

Sam: Whoa! You have really gone to the dark side, haven’t you?

Forgives and accepts:

dean 7

When Castiel works behind his back, when Sam deliberately lets Dean become a vampire, when Kevin ran away from them, when Sam didn’t search for Dean after he went to name it, every time Dean understands why they did it and forgives them without holding a grudge. All in all, who doesn’t love Dean Winchester?

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