10 Amazing Lightsabers From Star Wars Ranked From Least To Most Powerful

The lightsaber of the Jedi and the Sith Order are arguably the most popular objects of the Star Wars franchise. Seen as a team effort, the legendary Lightsaber was a product of George Lucas’s incredible imagination and his the prop designers’ incredible efforts to make that a reality.

The Star Wars movies have expanded to include a lot of things – new planets, new species, new heroes, new villains; each with a different version of the iconic lightsaber.

Training Light Saber

This is the lightsabers young padawans use to train in the ways of the Force. They have been baby proofed to be less lethal than the general version of the lightsaber. They are shorter, weaker and much lighter than the lightsabers Jedis and Siths use in their fights and bounce off lasers from the blade.

Nevertheless, a Jedi Master must always be present in the room when a padawan is using the training lightsaber. There is a rich Jedi culture to train the young on how to use lightsabers so that they can defend themselves. Some of them will become the Jedis and protect the galaxy from the tyranny of invaders and foreign rulers.

Lightsaber pikes

The Lightsaber pikes are the weapon of choice for Jedi Temple Guards. The guards are responsible for protecting Jedi Temples and Sanctuaries throughout the Galaxy. They have a yellow blade and the handle is made of a Lightsaber resistant alloy called Phrik Alloy. They are used more for defense rather than offense.

There are miscreants and troublemakers roaming in the galaxy who sometimes target sacred places, hence pikes are given to guards responsible for safeguarding pilgrimages and other places of significance.

Lightsaber Cane

The Lightsaber cane made its appearances in Clone Wars animated series and in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The cane looks inconspicuous at first since it looks completely harmless at first sight.

But in the time of battle, the wielder can detach the saber from the cane and fight back with a sneak attack at the perfect moment. They are pretty effective at the time of war and have been used by Jedi masters too.


The Shoto is basically a Lightsaber short sword. It is used by people of smaller stature, most notably Yoda. The Shoto is just like a training lightsaber without the baby proofing. Yoda uses it in a very lethal fashion in the Star Wars movies.

Ahsoka Tano also wields two Shotos simultaneously in a dual wield fashion while fighting in the Clone Wars animated series. Such swords are not meant for everyone as it requires a lot more precision to destroy the enemy, if the skilled adversary has a long sword and you are carrying Shoto, chances are you are going down unless you are Master Yoda.

Great Lightsaber

This version of the Lightsaber is wielded by people who are at least thrice as big as the average guy. The Gorcs, for example, are big creatures that cannot wield the average Lightsaber because it is too small for them.

The great Lightsaber can be as big as 3 meters with a hilt at least twice as big as the ones wielded by your next door Jedi. This is an exact opposite of Shoto and gives the wielder a huge advantage against its opponent. Master Yoda ain’t gonna chose this one as the sword is bigger than him.

Dark Saber

The Drak Saber was created by a Mandalorian, a species with absolutely no connection the force. As it was passed down from generation to generation, it eventually reached Pre Vizsla. Pre Vizsla was killed by Darth Maul who then stole the Dark Saber.

The sword then finally reaches Sabine Wren in Clone Wars. Giving off a ghostly white aura, the Dark Saber has a pitch black laser blade. Looks awesome as fuck too. It’s pretty bad-ass, almost like Valyrian Sword in GOT.

Crossguard Lightsaber

The Crossguard Lightsaber was first introduced in The Force Awakens. Kylo Ren uses it to kill scores of Rebel soldiers and to face off against Rey and Finn during the climax of the movie. It is again seen in The Last Jedi as Kylo faces off against the Resistance again.

The Crossguard Saber has two slits at a 45-degree angle that emits two smaller laser blades from both sides of the upper hilt.

Lightsaber whipstar wars

The Lightsaber whip is one of the deadliest weapons in the Star Wars arsenal. Instead of one erect Lightsaber blade, it consists of a blade that is malleable enough to be wielded as a whip.

This is achieved by using several smaller crystals hanging from the base of the hilt instead of one large crystal for generating laser blade energy. The result is astounding as sword like this can terrorize your opponent into submission before the battle even starts.


The Saberstaff is basically two lightsabers joined at the ends two make one long pole. The dual bladed Saber staff provides double the protection, twice the range and a vastly increased ability to defend against multiple opponents.

The Saberstaff made its appearance in the hands of Darth Maul as he killed Qui-Jon Ginn and while the former was defeated in the subsequent fight with Obi Wan Kenobi.

Inquisitorious Lightsabers

star wars

These Lightsabers are basically the same as Darth Maul’s Saberstaff. The only difference being they can spin. That’s right. A spinning dual bladed LightSaber staff – the stuff of literal nightmares. The Inquisitorious wield these whacky lightsabers in battle.

They are a special group of super force-sensitive assassins of the Galactic Empire. These blades, when spinning, create a complete area of absolute defense and a weapon of offense that can slice through almost anything.

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