10 Warriors Other Than Danny Rand Who Once Became The Iron Fist

Danny Rand did not make the Iron Fist. The Iron Fist made Danny Rand. Before the billionaire playboy of Kun Lun became a streetwise superhero for hire and everyone’s fan favorite as the immortal wielder of the Iron Fist, there were several powerful warriors who had already donned the mantle and made Iron Fist famous throughout the ages.

Iron Paw

Iron Paw was a result of Marvel writers messing around with the Marvel Apes What If…? storyline. In this universe of Earth-8101, humans do not exist. It is the apes and monkeys that rule the land. Ape versions of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk exist. The monkey version of Iron Fist is called the Iron Paw.

Iron Fist Ryu

The Marvel vs. Capcom crossovers created a lot of interesting characters. Marvel superheroes could face off against the Street Fighters or Devil May Cry’s Dante in a 1 on 1 battle sequence. One such crossover created merged the Iron Fist with Ryu, a popular character from the Street Fighter franchise. A world-renowned fighter then wields an unimaginable power against the Dark Hodou.


Luke Cage and Danny Rand are the best of friends. But in one issue, the plantlike H’ylthri kidnaps Danny Rand and replaces him with a doppelganger. The duplicate gains all the powers and abilities of the original Iron Fist. After some time, the doppelganger turns to the good side and sacrifices his life trying to save Captain Hero from certain death. Luke Cage is the prime suspect until Namor helps clear his name.

Quan Yaozu

The legacy of the Iron Fist dates back centuries. Danny Rand is the current one. Quan Yaozu was the first. When the seven cities of Heaven discovered the eighth city, they used the newly discovered city as hell – a place for trapping the sinners and wrongdoers. When the eighth city rebelled and threatened to open their gates to the world, Quan Yaozu entered the city and shut the doors, sacrificing his life and trapping himself in purgatory for centuries.

Bei Ming Tian

Bei Ming Tan was the Iron fist during the 1100’s in imperial China. Tian has single-handedly faced off and defeated legendary threats like the Mongol King Genghis Khan in battle. Bei Ming Tian helped the people of China usher into a new age of peace and prosperity until his death at the age of 33 by the hands of the mythical beast Ch’i-Lin

Fongji Wu

The case of Fongji Wu is special. She is not only the Iron Fist but the wielder of the Phoenix Force as well. The same phoenix force the mutant Jean Grey of the X-men wielded in the Dark Phoenix saga. Fongji Wu was prophesied to wield both the Iron Fist and the Phoenix Force. She did. The next thing we know Wu sped off into space with both the powers, never to be seen or heard from again.

Power Fist

What do you get when you combine Luke Cage’s superhuman strength and impenetrable skin with Danny Rand’s martial arts and Iron Fist power? An absolute beast! In a version of the Exiles, a combination of Luke Cage aka Powerman and Danny Rand aka Iron Fist exists. He helped defeat the Vi-Locks and even has the distinction of being the leader of the Avengers for some time.

Orson Randall

Orson Randall was the Iron Fist that trained and motivated Danny’s father into becoming one himself. While many see the Iron Fist as a gift, Orson came to view it as a curse. Something that attracts nothing but anger and violence. After fighting in Wolrd War 1, Orson decided to suppress his abilities with Drugs and alcohol. Wendell Rand, Danny’s father found him and trained under him until departing for Kun Lun to gain the Iron Fist abilities himself. Danny encounters Orson years later who then passes off his remaining Chi into him.

Dead Fist

Deadpool is a hugely popular comic book character. So much so that Marvel writers have made crazy mash ups out of him. Wolverine-pool, Groot-pool, Hulk-Pool and Deadpool the Duck are some popular ones. Then comes Dead-Fist, a mash up of Deadpool and Iron Fist. He is charged with finding out the guy who stole the Dragons Tongue. Several adventures later, the guy Raul Chalmers turns out to be Loki in disguise.


Wolverine was part of the New Avengers team that consisted of Brother Voodoo, Luke Cage, Mocking Bird, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Ms. Marvel, Victoria Hand and the Thing. They belonged to Marvel’s 2010 ‘Heroic Age’ line of comics. When Agamotto challenges the Avengers to a duel for the fate of the world, the heroes combine their powers to create their champion to face the magical threat. The only guy with a body that can handle that much strain is Wolverines. As the process leaves a blazing Iron Fist symbol on his chest, a magically charged Wolverine is a sight to behold.

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