5 Movies of 2017 to Write Your Movie Review on

Writing a movie review requires critical thinking and good analytical skills to present all the elements that justify why the movie is worth a review. Movie review entails examining various aspects of the movie elements, including the context, the production, the background and how the movie has been received and consumed by the various audiences. When reviewing any movie apart from outlining the plot and presenting the background information, it’s important to review the director’s intention.

The team of states that a good movie review should begin by presenting the theme; you need to show why the movie is of interest. Always remember to point out any interesting ideas about the movie that makes it worth reviewing.

Latest movies such as the Lure, Super Dark Times, Lady Bird, The Square and The Blackcoat’s Daughter are examples of famous movies that are worth reviewing.

The Lure

The Lure is a polish musical movie directed by Agnieszka Smoczynska; the movie is a love story presented in the form of a comedy about two mermaid sisters who fall in love with the same man. The two sisters are hired to work in a nightclub. Their unique features of sprouting legs when dry and regrowing tail when wet makes the character unique. The film is special because of its combination of a star-crossed love scene with singing, and the experiences of man-eating mermaids.  One of the strong elements used in the film is the fish language. The two mermaid sisters Golden and Silver relationship lack of dialogue.  This leaves the audience in suspense as they use fish sounds to communicate. The Lure is a modern fairy tale with immense amounts of weirdness from both mermaids and non-mermaids. The movie manages to bring together hilarious seamlessly, horrific scenes at the same time twisted tones and visual from one scene to the other, making it an intense movie to watch.

Super Dark Times

Super Dark Times is directed by Kevin Phillips creates a mood that not only captivates but also frightens the audience. The movie uses various elements to capture the audience attention. The story is about adolescent boys, including Zach and Josh and a few geeky friends all of whom are in their adolescent years. The boys struggle to understand issues of sexuality, which is a common problem among adolescents.  

Super Dark Times presents the struggles of teenage boys showing how they try to cope with emotional needs. The bright part of the movie is the visuals used, including the slow motions and reusing shots within different contexts to create both emotional and rational connections.The director builds a lot of tension to depict how teenager left to crash into their feelings can get.    

Lady Bird

Ladybird is a movie by Greta Gerwig which reveals the ups and downs of a life of a high schooler. The movie is about a teenager named Ladybird, during her senior years in school. She has big dreams as she moves away from her hometown in Sacramento to New York. Ladybird is more of a great photo album with various snapshots containing great memories and feelings of the past. The movie plot recounts life-changing events and memorable experiences that take place over the course of a year. The director appropriately captures the turmoil of an adolescent, making it an emotionally satisfying narrative that leaves you wanting more.

The Square

The Square is an interesting comedy directed by Ruben Ostlund; it is a creative movie set in Stockholm, focusing on the main character Christian, a chief curator of a prestigious art museum. The Square is a comedy about the art world, portraying self-importance, greed, and selectiveness. This movie is loaded with images, scenes that not only provokes but also fascinate the audience. The Square portrays how romance can be reduced to a lower state of self-interest. Ostlund creates suspense using comedy to set up scenes to attract the audience.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

The Blackcoat’s Daughter is a horror movie written and directed by Osgood Perkin. The movie centers on Kat and Rose, who find themselves abandoned by their parents during winter break. Other students and the faculty vanish, leaving the two alone in school. The two girls go through creepy and strange experiences in their isolated school. The two girls fight evil as they support each other in various scenes, especially when they meet Joan.

The film reaches its climax when the three women intersect, creating a memorable at the same time a horrific peak. The creepy isolation is presented in different settings where mournful wails and a knife dipping through the flesh portrays a distinct sense of discomfort. The movie presents a horrific package combined with sound designs that make the movie frightening from the beginning up to the end.


Movie reviews require a critical analysis of the production; it’s advisable to watch the movie to understand the movie theme. While watching take note of important elements used by the director like the mood or the photography or anything that is worth mentioning. When concluding the review, include your opinion about the movie by recommending to the reader if the movie is worth watching or not. Finally, you can always find some cheap essay writing service if you have issues with writing such an essay; however, you can do it yourself as well – just find a good movie to write a review on.

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