Thor 4 Could Truly Pay-Off The Final Scene of The Dark World

Thor has been an essential story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for quite a long time now. The narrative of this hero has evolved quite a bit since we first encountered him in the 2011 Thor film. There is a particular storyline from those movies that has continued to play a significant role in the fate of MCU. The initial Thor films had somewhat meager character development and it was only in the third feature that we got to see the true God of Thunder. But over the period of these three films, various storylines were dropped and aims were taken for better concepts. Fans would remember the romance between Thor and Jane Foster was dropped abruptly but there is a chance it will be worked upon in Thor: Love & ThunderIt can finally pay off the final scene of The Dark World.


Taika Waititi took the tale of the Asgardians to places that weren’t explored. He shifted the complete story from Shakespearean drama to an acid trip of comedy. This helped us to see a version of Thor that didn’t depend on his powers. While at the same time there were various moments of absolute craziness. The duel with Hulk has to be the highlight of Thor: Ragnarok. It was a much-needed transition in the tale of Thor. 


It seems that for this transition and to cover up the failure of Thor: The Dark World, MCU tried to remove narratives and plot points from the movie completely. Fans continued to look for the plot points and how they will be hinted at in future projects. It seems that we don’t have to wait for long because Taika Waititi will definitely bring back a certain essential plot point.


The Final Scene of The Dark World

Bringing back Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is a clear indication that Thor: Love & Thunder will work upon things that were left at Thor: The Dark World. The latter movie was considered rather inconsequential and forgettable. But an essential moment from the movie was the point that Thor and Jane’s relationship was being taken to the next level. Thor had come back to Earth after turning down Asgard’s throne. The two share a rather passionate kiss on the balcony of Jane’s UK apartment and it was a clear indication that the two were committed. But after this movie, the entire thing was dropped by MCU due to various reasons. One of these reasons was definitely Natalie Portman’s disinterest in continuing with the character of Jane. There was a mention of this relationship in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor confirms that he and Jane were no longer together. 


Thor: Love & Thunder

Thor 4 Return of Jane Foster

Natalie Portman’s return to MCU with Thor: Love & Thunder could give us an opportunity to see this relationship. We can now find out what her character has been up to in the years since Thor 2.  Her inclusion could also begin with the idea that she has cancer, which could play an important aspect in the Mighty Thor transformation. The latter was the only part of the narrative that was confirmed. Plus, we could see them actually rekindle their romance.


The movie’s title could be a big reference to this love in itself. While it could also be the story behind Valkyrie’s search for her queen but it could clear mean a lot more than that. This movie could be a great chance for MCU to move forward with the relationship that was teased to be happening almost a decade ago. It could include flashbacks of why their relationship failed to work out. 


The movie doesn’t really have to put the two back together but instead, it could actually give us some hint at what actually happened. Watching the two have a proper conversation is clearly going to be a major part of the movie. They have a lot to talk about now that Thor has lost a lot since the last time he had seen Jane. We can be absolutely sure that the movie will build upon the final scene of The Dark World.


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